April 30, 2004

Your Fifteen Minutes are up, Rene Gonzales

Rene Gonzales, the UMass grad student who's scathing attack on a U.S.Army soldier killed in action in Afghanistan drew national attention, has issued an apology to the family of the deceased.

In his opinion piece from the Daily Collegian, Gonzales stated that the dead Ranger was "not a hero" and had gotten "what he asked for" by enlisting to serve in the military. He went on to call him a Rambo, a G.I. Joe, an idiot, and a "Pendejo", Spanish for idiot.

A link to the article was placed on the website Lucianne Dot Com during the evening on Wednesday, prompting a frenzy among conservative bloggers and bringing it to the attention of media outlets in the U.S. and abroad. Thursday the president of UMass responded, chastising Gonzales and calling the piece "a disgusting, arrogant and intellectually immature attack."

In today's apology, Gonzales called his article "insensitive."

Interesting, isn't it? I would dearly love to see what this "disgusting, arrogant, and intellectually immature" grad student had to say to a grieving family that could in any way absolve him of what he did.

But what of his apology to this young man's brothers and sisters in BDU who passed before him? Or his apology to the families of the rest of the fallen? For surely, by his denigration of this one dead man, this Hero, he spits on the graves of all of the fallen of this war and of all the wars before it.

Rene Gonzales is an extremely privileged young man to live in a place where a person can say the vile and extreme kinds of things he did with no more repercussions than he has suffered. There is no jail cell waiting for him, no chains or hooks or electrical wires to be attached to various parts of his body, no rubber hoses or leather truncheons.

No man with a badge will show up at his door with or without a warrant to arrest him or hustle him into the back of an unmarked van. No law enforcement person will burst through his door to punitively ransack his home in the guise of a search. There will be no action against him by agents of the government for his words.

The private sector however, filled with men and women who have served, their families, their survivors, their friends, may be quite another matter. We all may be only Chicken-hawks, Rambo's, G.I. Joes, and Pendejos to him, but any of these trumps a Chicken-shit.

Perhaps it is a good thing for Rene Gonzales that no member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that has "blogged him to filth" will stand in judgement of him right now, particularly this woman. I have but one punishment that I would mete: that he would "enlist," train, and attempt to qualify for the same unit as the man who's life he attacked, who's honor he smeared, and who's death he ridiculed.

No, not some quickie, week-long, total immersion fantasy boot-camp for wealthy, type-A, Soldier of Fortune wannabe's. Not the remake of that Boot Camp reality television show. I mean weeks of PT and fear and humiliation and sleep deprivation, followed by months of Ranger Training with a whole new round of PT and fear and humiliation and sleep deprivation in even worse locales with less food and considerably more pain.

Make a man of him? Doubt it.

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April 29, 2004

Koppel's Abuse of the Dead

Tomorrow night, Ted Koppel will host an edition of Nightline which will feature a reading of the names of the Iraqi war dead, accompanied by a photo of each warrior and his or her rank.

This show is being aired during one of the fiercest engagements of the war to date. Also, and by no small coincidence, it is but two days after President Bush and Vice President Cheney's meeting with what is popularly known as the 9/11 Commission.

By ABC's admission this information was gotten from a government database through a government website which expressly forbids the use of the information on the site for commercial gain. ABC, a commercial network, will be producing this show and has made no announcement concerning whether or not the show will be commercial-free, leading this writer to believe that it will not.

During Sweeps Week, commercial time is sold at a premium to advertisers eager to present their ads to the largest audience possible. Much money is exchanged during Sweeps week, which benefits both the advertisers and the networks which use data collected during this week to determine advertising rates for the following fiscal cycle.

With this in mind, one has to ask some questions about this show:

-Why is this show being broadcast now, during some of the most intense fighting of the entire conflict?

-Why is a commercial enterprise, the ABC network, being allowed to use information from a government website for commercial gain?

-Will there be repercussions for the illegal use of this information by ABC and by Ted Koppel as their agent?

-Will any of the revenues collected from advertisers during this show be given to the families of those who's deaths are being exploited by this show?

-Ted Koppel is on the record as being completely against both the war and against President Bush. Will anyone of note, anyone with a large audience, call Koppel and ABC out for using the 700+ war dead to further their political agenda?

I, for one, will not be watching this exercise in demonization. I am sickened by those who maintain their extreme agendas and disguise them as normal dissent.

This is far from "normal dissent."

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Moonbat™ Collegian.

I was cruising through the lucious bounty of links at Lucianne.com when I found one that just sickened me.

At the Daily Collegian, an online news site from UMass, graduate student Rene Gonzales takes the position that "Pat Tillman is not a hero: He got what was coming to him." Go ahead. Take some time and go read that. Keep your wastebasket handy. Medication is also recommended. I'll wait.

You done? Okay. Now contrary to popular belief, I was brought up by my parents to be a lady. Sure, sometimes I lapse and succumb to my baser instincts, instincts like cursing, vengeful thinking, inciting unrest, and simple acts of incivility. But even at my worst, I could not muster the amount of well harnessed rage necessary to respond to this man's published opinion.

There are, however, others who can respond in the manner this piece so richly deserves. A great many of them are in the comment thread at the bottom of the Daily Collegian's page. Another is at Beaker's Corner. Yet another, calmer one is at Another Moron with an Opinion.

In how many places in the world would any citizen be allowed to voice such an opinion in a public forum? In how many others would a foreign student be allowed the same right? And of this plethora of places, how many of the places even exist if not as the result, either directly or indirectly, of the intercession of the American Fighting Forces?

I'd cast shame upon the person who expresses this vile lack of compassion and respect, except I believe that shame is quite likely a foreign concept.

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April 28, 2004

You Must Read This Woman

The Spousal Unit directed me to read someone's site today because he gotten a comment from this particular blogger. He was mightily impressed that a "Large Mammal" like LaShawn Barber had even noticed him.

So in the interest of family unity, I tracked on over there and looked about and read several posts. It's safe to say I was impressed. She's an excellent read. If you don't have this blog in your blogroll, you're really missing something.

Get thee to LaShawn's blog and start reading. Extra credit for tripping through the archives.

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April 27, 2004

Vive Les Fusileers!

Okay, so I'm a day late and a dollar short... again. That's what happens when one has such a full and rich life.

Aaron's having a Ranting-good auction, Castle Aarrgghhh is doing big things, everyone's doing something special. But I just don't have much to contribute to the cause. Shoot, I'm so broke I can't even pay attention half the time.

Just about the only things I do have are a little bit of time and a modicum of talent.

So here's the deal: If you would like a unique piece of art for your site, either a complete banner or something that can be worked into a banner, I will do one. If you want examples of some of my work, they can be seen at the following:

Natasha's House of Clue
Emigre With a Digital Cluebat
The Conservababe

You can also see the editorial cartoons in my Photobucket gallery. Linkage is at the right.

Leave your bids in comments. We'll let this go until, oh, I dunno, Friday, April 30th. Be thinking of what you want on your banner, or what you would like drawn. Shoot, I'll even do some private, contract stuff if the price is right. Any orders between now and Friday go into the Fusileer strongbox for distribution.

Remember, this ain't Ebay. Pretty much anything goes.

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Now is the time...

...to pry yourself away from the witty inanities of this humble blog and do something greater. Yes, Greater! Greatness on a scale not seen since perhaps last summer's blogdrive for Magen David Adom's new ambulance.

Get thee to Aaron's Rantblog and bid. Do it now, while you're thinking about it. Then go down to the cool little Fusileer button at darned near the bottom of my site and hit it. Then put your money where your mouth is.

Yeah, so it takes a while for me to drag my middle-aged assets onto the proverbial bandwagon sometimes, but I'm here now. So make me look good. Hit the button. Or go to Aaron's and hit the button. Or any of the wonderful bloggers associated with this cause.

Oh, don't know what the cause is? Well, I suggest you go to the Spirit of America site and catch up.

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April 26, 2004

Why won't the left admit this?

Am I the only one who's sick to death of the left claiming repeatedly that there is no evidence of WMD's in Iraq, and that there never was any evidence?

I hear it daily, generally from people who have enough grey matter to know better. And I imagine they would know better if they weren't like so many "Doubting Thomases" demanding absolute evidence from "mainstream" media sources, the very sources who's agendas are furthered by the public's ignorance in this matter.

Well, if you know one of these people, one of these blissfully ignorant folks who prefer to flail about and cast accusations against the administration, the war, the abilities of current inspectors, just send them this little piece of information.

And if that's just not conclusive enough, point them over here, too.

Yes, it's just a bit heavy. Most thoughtful pieces written by conservative commentators tend to be. But if you help them with the big words and the difficult concepts, perhaps they may finally see the light.

Or maybe not. Sometimes it's just a blatent refusal to admit when one is wrong. Sadly, I see way too much of that anymore.

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Got'chur Six!

Which female Woman blogger do you want covering your flank in a bad situation?

Well, the folks at Barking Moonbat Early Warning System asked, and the consensus was:

Connie du Toit

Hey! I got four votes! Not bad for a little old lady blogger. I'm flattered to have been included.

And Connie, any time you want to do a little range time and compare groupings, let me know. I'd love to run through a little ammo with you.

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April 22, 2004

Tempest in a B-cup...

In looking at my vast and numerous referals today, courtesy of Sitemeter, I found quite an interesting one. So I followed it back and found a fascinating item on woman bloggers and some of the attitudes toward them.

Go, read it, follow the comment thread and then come back. I'll wait... Okay, you back? Continue on.

She's never written about her boobs. Others on the list above have.

Have I ever written about my mammalial protuberances? I honestly don't remember if I have, unless it was to illustrate a point in the drag queen story, or some such nonsense.

I appreciate inclusion on your list. Some awesome bloggers there and I'm flattered to be included. But honestly, I don't blog for recogintion. It's fun when it happens, and there's that thrilling little rush when I see a trackback on a post I've written. But that's not why I'm here.

I blog as a safety valve, a pressure release, an outlet for my creative side when no other outlet is available. I sometimes blog for clarification, and for affirmation that I'm on the right track. And, admittedly, sometimes it's for vanity. There, I said it. It's a prideful, egotistical, vain thing sometimes. And I daresay it's the same for the men.

But I'll be the first to admit, as a woman, that as a rule I very seldom frequent other female bloggers. Woman bloggers, yes. I enjoy a good woman blogger who's maturity and intellegence sets the tone of her posts, and who's sense of humor reaches to me. But female bloggers? Please. Spare me.

I've done that link-to-link thing before and ended up on some incredibly mindless, extremely frivolous, and sadly inane sites by proud females who couldn't piece together a cogent thought if given superglue. They ping-pong about in their posts, gush about fads, trends, silliness, and never say anything. A box of scrabble tiles tossed about on the floor would make as much sense. And hostile? To navigate about their posts and their comments is to fly on leather wings with the harpies.

Sadly, these are the vast majority of female bloggers, and they damage the perception that others have of all XX chromosomed bloggers. For every Connie du Toit there are a hundred common-sense impaired girls screaming for the attention of the blogosphere. For every Serenity, there are a hundred simpering slips of girls slathering their popularity-angst on their blogs in insipid posts.

One can hardly blame the poor, misguided, testosterone dependent among us for the way we are perceived. In Ilyka's list, she named 35 woman bloggers. How many others are out there that are nothing more than "pretty templates" covered with classroom gossip, mall gossip, radio gossip, and "what I wore today"?

I'm certainly not excusing bad behavior on the part of some of the male bloggers, but I'm not laying the entire problem in their laps, either. Unless they give me a dollar. $20 if they want more than a minute. I chose the song. No AC/DC.

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April 20, 2004

Survivor: Blogosphere!

John of Right Wing News has a post up offering his list of the ten bloggers he would want with him if stranded, I assume, on an island.

(Cue Theme Song)

Survivor: Blogosphere! Brought to you this evening by Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room, your online shop for Genuine Rumpus.

1. Why, Emperor Misha, of course. Every group of island-dwelling, Moonbat-whacking misanthopes needs it's very own Benevolent Despot, and I can think of none better. Ready for anything, skilled with Cluebat™ and firearm, and can cuss as well as I can. And he has such a cute accent. What's not to like?

2. Natasha the Troll Basher. Smart, witty, armed, gorgeous, and qualified to wear the Tanktop of Doom™ which is something I will never be. She can mince, slice, dice, fry, dye, and lay to the side any troll she meets, and never break a sweat.

3. BC of the VRWC. Okay, so his own blog tanked. But his guest posts on the Rottie are Verbal Abuse as Art. And he likes to burn things and knows about which vegetation is edible and which you leave for the Moonbats. Not to mention that he's good with snakes of many varieties, and his p0rn collection would cause no end of snickers, giggles, chortles, and guffaws. Beats ghost stories around the campfire. (heh heh, I said "beat")

4. Serenity, even in her current state of physical compromise. Yes, the island will be Crutches Friendly, and her kitty will have fun with all the rodents. Hell yes, bring the pets. Why not? I'll even bring her canine daughter, Pandora, whom I adopted last fall.

5. Sir George Turner must be included, as he is truly the smartest man I know, and if anything needs McGyvered while we're there, he can do it. Plus he has many firearms to play with along the beaches. Not to mention that his song-spinning skills are legendary and would keep us entertained for hours. Perhaps even weeks.

6. Darth Monkeybone. Don't let that wild verbage fool you. He's quite the Gallant. And you never know when you're going to need an Evil Sithmonkey around. He could avert a Simian Invasion from the surrounding jungles, subjugate the defeated survivors, and train them to make sammichs. It could happen.

7. Aaron, the Rantblogger, just because there's so much I want to talk to him about. And because my island has electricity and full cable access, he has to teach me how he does those great photoshop pieces. And I'll let him play with my guns.

8. Chelle, because I'm sure she'd enjoy it. And because I'm sure she'd make for some pretty spirited arguments.

9. Okay, okay, I'd bring the Spousal Unit too, even though it will mean needing a sitter for who knows how long, and that could run into some money. If I didn't bring him, he'd pout and carry on for months. Good thing Chelle's coming with. She can help me keep his sorry ass in line. And he'll like it. He has his orders.

10. You're going to think I've lost my mind. But think about it: semi-naked (okay, in a diaper), tied in spread-eagle between four well-paced, supple, and stout saplings. The ropes are taut, and his ass is just touching the sand. Every night, as the tide comes in, so do the crabs. Hungry, pinching, mean little crabs. Yes, you've got it, I'd bring Michael Moore-on for the hours of entertainment his presence would provide. We wouldn't have to feed him much because of his ample stores, and if we were forced to leave the island, he would double as the outrigger on any palm canoe or raft we built. Yeah, we'd probably have to duct-tape his yap shut, but it would be worth it. And no, there's no link to him here, because I don't want him to gain any traffic, however small, from my humble little blog. I do, however, love the Cox and Forkum take...*smirk*

Of course, there's bloggers-a-plenty on the reserve list in case any one of these couldn't make it, job obligations and such being what they are. But wouldn't this be a fun group? I sure think so. I'm just trying to figure out how to get Steve there to brew hooch for us. And MadfishWillie needs to make my PinaColadas. And Jay needs to be my eye-candy! Not to mention Donnie for recon, and Matt for jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, and... (are you seeing a trend here, folks?) Oh, the list may never end!

And I want no guff about not bringing enough fellow female bloggers. You want more women? Find your own damned island.

Side note: Funny how trackback seems so "selective..."

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April 19, 2004

That's quite enough.

In ranging about the 'sphere over the weekend I've taken note of a vicious trend that was discussed on both the Rottie and on the Mudville Gazette. There is a behavior being engaged in on predominantly military blogs that is disturbing and of great concern to me on many levels.

It has become great sport for certain readers of blogs to single out military personnel who are currently deployed, and subject them to all manner of harassment in their comments. Some of it has been obscene, some merely idiotic, but more distressing is the use of comments as a means to belittle, castigate, and "spit" on a soldier electronically.

Most of these commenters use nonexistent email addresses or misdirected email addresses to protect themselves and their mailboxes, and appear savvy enough to work around attempts at banning when IP banning is even an option. Sadly, the majority of active military bloggers use "free blogging hosts" which do not allow for IP banning, forcing them to either endure this abuse, turn off their comments, or quit blogging altogether.

In all honesty, I have never understood the strange compunction some people exhibit for "trolling" in the first place, or for frequenting the blogs of persons who's ideological bent or philosophy is in complete opposition to their own. It's great "sport" to drop one's spoor in comments, and I've witnessed it from bloggers from every part of the spectrum. I just don't see the entertainment value of it, nor do I see where such behavior has ever served either side by convincing a reader or blogger to change or modify their political, religious, or philosophical viewpoint.

I have inadvertently followed links before that have taken me into blogs I would never read of my own volition, much less frequent on a regular basis, and been shocked at the ideas being promoted on them. But I never feel compelled to leave comments unless something particularly inaccurate is stated. I'll sometimes leave a correction, backed by fact and not bravado, and my email and URL. And I'm rarely trolled. Perhaps because when they come into my blog they decide that there is little entertainment value in trolling "little old ladies" who blog.

Granted, there are blogs by people who thrive on the drama and fury of rant-filled comment threads, and they encourage that by the subject and tone of their posts. They rant, they instigate, they are provocative, and some are largely entertaining. They write posts that are the blog equivalent of peanut butter on a mousetrap, then sit back and wait for the trolls to infest their comments so that they can "Troll-bash" with wild and merry abandon.

This is fine and good. It's what they like, and they encourage it. But that does not generally seem to be the case with a goodly number of these military bloggers. They set up their blogs to give family and friends a contact point, to keep in touch with others in similar duty situations, and to provide an alternative source of information on the conflict, the conditions, and the people of Iraq or Iran.

These personnel know that at any time their blogs can be read by persons of higher rank who can hold them accountable for their behavior on these blogs. They know what can happen if they allow one of these trolls to get the better of them and provoke a response. And the trolls know this as well.

This group of men and women should not have their voices silences by trolls, malcontents and bullies for no other reason than their current service to the United States or their deployment in a war which has been politicized for the personal gain of power-hungry senators and would-be office holders.

I have only one thing to say to those who behave with such thuggish snarkiness on one of these blogs: If you feel the need to spit on a "baby-killer" or "rapist" or "murderer," then at least have the courage of your convictions and do it in person. Otherwise, quit "crapping on the carpet" in the blogs of people who's boot soles you aren't fit to lick.

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April 18, 2004


Get thee to the Commissar's and put in a word for my submission for his caption contest.

Or put your own caption in. It's fun! It's Easy! It will earn you big points with the Mama (or not, if your submission is exponentially better than mine).

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It's only the 18th.

Okay. Go look over there in the gutter on the right. Yeah, the place with my smiling yap, all the lists of bloggers and the buttons to Special Places.

Go down to the bottom. See the one with the Armed Chimp? Big BAG Day button? Click it.

It's not too late to kick in a few dollars to help Aaron buy his first gun. And that Springfield is a nice piece. A little bigger than I like, but I'm not the one who will be nursing sore wrists for a few hours after doing range time.

Of course, he's a man. Perhaps he exercises his wrists somehow...

Get thee to the Rantblogger and close that gap!

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What? No Appelstroop?

Picture, if you will, the crew of a Russian spaceship preparing for takeoff. Their mission: to man the International Space Station and relieve the crew that has been in residence there for many months. With them is a temporary resident, one who will remain with them for only 11 days before returning to earth with that earlier crew.

Situation normal, you might think. We've seen this all before.

Except that we haven't seen this temporary crewman before.

Andre Kuipers, only the second Dutch astronaut to go to space, has taken every precaution, trained with the best, and has made every preparation for his trip into space. Andre Kuipers has packed his bag and is ready to go.

But what is he taking, you might ask. The old Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo guys used to take rolls of dimes with them, so they would have souveniers that they could share with family and friends. Shoot, there was even a golf club and balls that went to the moon. but what is Andre taking?

Stinky old cheese.

And a science fiction book.

It must be genetic. The Spousal Unit would surely pack the exact same thing. Gouda, no less than 3 yrs old, and a handfull of Piers Anthony books. Space Tyrant series, certainly. Maybe a Heinlein for variety and "heavy reading" on the space-crapper.

I'll guarantee, however, that Delftsman would be bitterly disappointed in Andre's selections. This is the middle of the Herring runs, and Andre hasn't packed any Matjies Herring. Which is probably a good thing.

Herring and 3 yr old Gouda in the restricted confines of the space station? Pack an Oranjeboom in with that, and we'd be reading front page news of the first intentional spacing of an astronaut.

In space, no one can tell who farted. But I'm sure they'll have a pretty good idea.

Our thanks to Steve at LittleTinyLies Hog On Ice for the link.

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Just an observation

The people who keep crying out that Israel "murdered" a helpless old paralyzed man in a wheelchair are the same people who would feel sorry for Hitler were he alive today because mentally ill people need to be understood and accepted, and not held accountable for their actions.

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April 16, 2004


In case any of you doesn't know, this is Pfc. Keith Maupin. He is surrounded by thugs and terrorists masquerading as freedom fighters, somewhere in Iraq. They and their ilk have held him since April 9 after ambushing his convoy.

We pray for his safety and for his family.

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It seems the teens in Washington state have reason to be extremely careful these days.

Edward Stokes, the convicted molester who's conviction in California was overturned on an extreme interpretation by an Appeals Court, has returned to familiar hunting grounds.

Edward Stokes

He has apparently illegally procured a driver's license, and based on this the police in Clark County have issued an arrest warrant for purjury and forgery.

Do you live in that area? If you do, you need to be very aware of this man and what he has done. No, not what he's been accused of, but what by his own admission he has done.

Over 200 kids, presumably teens but who can be certain, molested, raped, kidnapped, sodomized, and this is the number he gave to a psychologist or some such person during the course of his trial. At least one of these kids went on to end his own life.

He has been seen driving a white Ryder truck. His own sister wants him off the street to protect not him but the kids who are his preferred prey.

This man needs to be off the streets and soon. He may stay in the area. I guess that's what most predators do. They like a familiar hunting ground. In the meantime, keep the police on Auto-dial.

I'd settle for an arrest.

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April 15, 2004

Al Quaida Peace offer?

Mr. Bin Laden, I understand you have offered to the governments of Europe some insignificant facsimile of a truce in your current terror war against their citizenry.

No true olive branch is extended by you, and none was ever honestly expected by any wise or intelligent person. What you offer is only a temporary absence of hostile action, no real peace, no real truce.

In all honesty, I want no part of any truce you offer. I want no peace from you except that which comes as a result of your horrific, bloody, satisfying death.

With every flag draped coffin that returns to our shores in the belly of a transport plane, my anger grows. With every tear that stains the cheeks of an orphaned child, every sob that wracks the body of a new widow I find hatred less and less a stranger. I look on the burning vehicles and the corpses in the streets and I want the horror and the pain you've inflicted reciprocated to you and to you alone.

I want your entrails boiled and served to the sow that suckled your worthless, craven form.

I want your severed head given as a carnal plaything to the red-assed monkey from who's whithered loins your perverse and diseased seed was spawned.

I want packs of dogs rip to at your carcass, and the eaters of carrion to pick at the bits in the dirt. And when they are done, I want your bones crushed and mixed with lard and burned until there is nothing but dust to be carried in the wind into the desert where it will blow forever across the dunes, giving you no peace, no place in paradise, no eternity except as something swept up in a Hoover and placed at the curb in an ashcan.

I want to see a synagogue built at the entrance to the cave where you are found, cowering and covered with your own excrement, and for the people of Israel to come in pilgrimage every year to celebrate your death at the hands of American Infidels.

You see, Mr. Bin Laden, what I truly long for from you is not something you will ever be prepared to give. And as such, it will simply be taken.

And soon.

Very soon.

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April 14, 2004

Where Are These Peoples' Brains?

Exactly where are the repositories of the so-called Brains of the Appeal Court that did this?

Think about this, folks. This is a precedent now. How many other monsters will now use this as case law for their appeals? How many other monsters will be released onto a meek, sheep-like public to prey on "the weak and the unsuspecting" among us?

You know, had this teen died of injuries suffered at the hands of this freak before the trial, the charge would have been raised to include his death. Who can say with any certainty that his suicide wasn't as a direct result of this molestation. What fatal injury was done to his mind? Or his soul?

None of us will ever know. What we do know, however, is something that many of us have know for a long time: The courts have ceased to be a body to be counted upon for protection from the fiends and demons that walk among us in human form.

Sound a little strong? Just a little "Un-PC" to call a human being a Demon? Too damned bad.

Thanks to Jack for the link on this. Good find.

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April 13, 2004

Another Blog is Born!

SlagleRock's Slaughterhouse is up and open and waiting for your visit!

Written by the Spousal Unit's nephew, SlagleRock has a perspective on the Middle East and our military that comes from "Been there, Done that." And he ain't shy.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, sir! And for the rest of you, get over there and read. You won't regret it.

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You wanted a "Million Mogadishus"
and in Fallujah,
you got your wish.

But no Special Forces here.
No Rangers,
No Seals,
Only civilians guarding food.

Food destined for other civilians
trapped in desparate circumstances.

I'm sure you looked with glee
on the fruition of your desire,
their vehicle burning
in the wide street,
the street alive,
men and boys caught up
in the smell of burnng flesh.

a witness to their murders,
your compassion locked
in your top desk drawer.

You save your compassion
and guard it closely,
never given except to Rebels,
Freedom Fighters,
Warlords and Terrorists,
bus bombers,
and the killers of grandmothers.

The Mob is more to your liking
than order and restraint,
and in Fallujah you find your ideal,
your private Mogadishu.

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April 11, 2004

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter to you readers who have taken time from your day to trot about the Blogosphere like so many little Easter Bunnies.

Having to work on Easter Sunday is not much fun. But then, staying home to play Easter Bunny doesn't pay the bills unless, of course, the interest rate on the trust fund daddy set up for you is good enough to allow for such activities.

One of the the local bakeries sent three huge boxes of Cross-Buns to the hospital, and we were lucky enough to have an operator on break at the time so that she could grab one for each of us. Mmmm... I hadn't had one of those in years, and it was quite a treat. Golden raisins and a little bit of clove, soft, tender bun, and that cross of white icing on top... Wish I could have another for later.

Anna woke up for a minute just as I was leaving to tell me Happy Easter. She looked over and saw her little basket with her chocolate eggs and bunnies and gold-wrapped coins, and just beamed. It's amazing how little it takes to make her happy. And all this time I was worried that the little bit I was able to afford wouldn't be enough. Obviously I need to relax and quit worrying.

We have relatives in from Maryland who area staying at my parents' house just "up the road" from us. Since they are practicing Catholics, we asked if they would like to join us for Easter Vigil mass last night at 7:30. "Sure," they said, so we bundled into the car and drove to what we thought would be a quick Anticipation Mass. Oh, I thought, we'll be out and back home in an hour. Ha! That's what I get for thinking.

First thing as we drove up, we noticed a huge bonfire burning in one of those outdoor fireplaces. You know, the black metal mesh ones with the lids on them to keep the sparkage down. Odd, I thought when I saw that. Then they issued us all candles when we went into the church. As the time approached, the choir started singing. Uh oh. There went the quickie-mass. Anytime there's a choir, count on being there the full hour.

Just before mass started, the announcement was made that there were going to be several baptisms, and that we should prepare to leave the building to participate in the Blessing of the Fire and the subsequent Lighting of the Pascal Candle. So off we trundle, candles in hand, into the misty grey evening, half lit by the streetlights and the glow of the roaring fire out on the main walkway.

Everyone lines up on either side of the walk, and Fr. Tony and entourage procede through the little gauntlet. Fire is blessed, candle is lit, candle makes it back to the church without being prematurely extinguished by an errant raindrop, and we all proceed back into the church. One by one we pass the huge candle and light our little ones from it as we enter and head back into the dry and relatively warm building.

Well, the candlelit church is beautiful, and after the requisite prayers we are asked to blow out the candles. Is it just me, or is there something special and different about the smell of the candles in a church? I don't think there's a candle in the world that smells as good, burning or newly extinguished, as those hard white church candles. Now it's time for the Baptisms to begin.

Seven new members of the Catholic Community of St. Michael the Archangel. One beautiful infant boy, three cute little girls, and three adults. Then those who were old enough went back to the front and were joined by 3 more adults to be confirmened into the church. All of these people, spiritually renewed and free of the blemish of sin, would take Communion for the first time as members of the Catholic Church. It was really nice to be able to witness and participate in the sacraments for these people on the evening of Christ's resurection.

And honestly, it more than made up for the fact that was I thought was going to be a 45 minute mass turned into a 2+ hour one.

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April 10, 2004

It's called Sin, stupid.

Well, finally the Church heirarchy has decided to stand up and demand that John Kerry follow with doctrine or suffer the consequences.

Bishop Sean O'Malley has told Kerry not to attempt to take Communion in a Catholic Church.

You know, the saddest thing about this is the nonsense that some liberal Catholics are tossing out about "Separation of Church and State." Wait a minute. Think about it. They want religious bodies, churches, denominations, not to issue directives or follow teachings contrary to political view, or hold their followers to standards more rigorous than the federal government.

So now, I imagine, because some municipalities allow same sex unions and call them a Marriage, that the Church must acknowledge these unions as Holy and allow their participants absolution and access to the rest of the sacraments? The Church must adjust to the current social mores instead of following those followed traditionally for centuries because a lot of arrogant church-goers demand it?

Sorry folks. Doesn't fly. If you want to worship God but hold beliefs counter to your Church, I suggest you find another denomination more suited to your belief system. It shouldn't be hard. I understand there are lots of them out there who place your self-esteem and ego above what is right. You can cherry-pick for one that cherry-picks specifically for its congregation.

In the mean time, stay away from the Communion rail.

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April 09, 2004

"Spring" break?

Today is Good Friday, and my daughter is in school. Although it is only a half-day, the fact remains that she is in school. And where does she go to school? St. Michael the Archangel parochial school in Indianapolis, Indiana, a Catholic school.

When, you might ask, was her Easter Spring Vacation? Why, that was last week, silly. Spring Break at about the same time the colleges schedule theirs, so Muffy, a major in Girls Gone Wild Political Science can take her little fourth-grade brother Chip to Cancun with her.

Easter Vacation (call it what it is, please) used to be the week immediately before Easter. This allowed children to participate in Holy Week activities and services like Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I certainly remember doing the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week. The church sponsored programs and activities for all of the kids who weren't able to attend the parochial school, and we would make "holy cards" or color pictures of lilies and lambs.

But no one does that now. I imagine that in the back of someone's head, aligning vacation time with a holiday or holy season is just too provocative, even for a school operated by and providing Catholic, Christian, Religious instruction. Someone might imply this was some tacit acceptance or approval of a Religion. Can't have that... Or can we?

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St. George, the Journalist Slayer

I watched a portion of the 911 Commission's meeting today. I heard Dr. Rice's opening remarks, and I read a large portion of the transcript of her testimony.

Somehow, I missed the part about her damaging the administration.

You want to see a fisk of Near Biblical Proportions on the moronic journalist who made that particular observation? Do you?

Well, then, get thee to a fisking!

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Honor your parents.

This is so beyond the pale!

What in Heaven's Name was an 80 yr old woman doing living in a storage locker?? And why did it take a shooting before anyone found out?

What is fucking wrong with people? No one takes care of old people any more. No one watches out for people, with a few noteable and gallant exceptions.

Where was her minister? Her children? Her grand children? Her old neighbors? Where was the idiot who rented her the locker and then allowed her to live there without calling social services?

But no, she had a right to be homeless. It's cruel to institutionalize people for being old or sick or poor. Letting them die on the street, or live in fear in a storage locker is more humane.

Once upon a time, every rural county had a County Farm or a County Home for people who had no place to live. Sometime it was a temporary accomodation, but for some extreme cases, it could be a permanent thing, especially for the elderly or the ill.

But these no longer exist. And why? Because of the stigma attached to living in the "poor house" for these people. Better they live on the street than to live in a warm building, with food on a regular schedule, and a few chores to give them purpose and something to do.

Sore spot with me? Damn straight. Want to know why? Some day when my blood has cooled a little, I'll explain.

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April 07, 2004

A Primer

I have observed a wide disparity of perception between what is generally labeled the "Anti-War" segment of the national debate and the rest of the population, be they relatively neutral, generally accepting of the war, or decidedly and emphatically "Pro-War."

In the interest of lessening the gap between these "Anti-war" persons and the rest of the population, I offer a few basic points, a primer as it were, from someone with a unique qualification: I pay attention.

Let us begin.

There is no "Off-On" switch for War. There is no clock or bell or buzzer. Nor are there periods, quarters, innings, rounds, or matches in war.

There are no Mulligans or "Do-Overs" when you miss your target, be it the one in your sites or the one on an estimated timetable.

You cannot negate a hit by yelling "missed me" and running on, guns blazing. Guns only blaze for so long before needing to be reloaded.

People sometimes get in the way. People often cannot get out of the way. "Friendly Fire" is a misnomer. "Hostile Fire" is equally a misnomer.

Bullets bear no grudges nor show any loyalty. That is not their purpose. Bullets exist and are used to kill as many members of the opposite side as possible, and to do so quickly. Their only way of determining the opposite side is to hit what they are aimed at. They are only as efficient or foolproof as the person firing them.

"Goldbricks" are called that because they bear striking similarities to actual boullion. They're difficult to carry, compromise your ability to move quickly as a team, and are worthless in combat.

Troops read everything they can from home, whether it's a letter, e-mail, magazine, book, or newspaper. Troops take to heart everything they read. If you want to make an impact of the morale of those in uniform, say something about one of them, their unit, their branch, their country, their commander, or their mom.

Symbols and symbolic actions are of equal import to both sides of any war. What is intended to inspire one side often either inflames or demoralizes the other. What is intended to belittle or demonize one side often uplifts and gives purpose to the other.

Symbols and symbolic actions intended for domestic consumption, to inflame, dissuade, or demoralize participants on one particular side the debate, will eventually have equivalent and opposite effects on the morale of troops of both sides.

To be a Pro-Troops/Anti-Military Protestor is to be an Oxymoron of the lowest order.

A coward is not a Conscientious Objector. A person who is unwilling to uphold his contractual obligations, even as he uses every program and benefit offered in the meantime, is not a Conscientious Objector. A deserter is not a Conscientious Objector.

There is nothing brave, patriotic, or courageous about marching in sizeable groups with signs and police protection on a public thoroughfare and then verbally or physically assaulting those who stand on the sides with "We Support Our Troops" or "God Bless America" signs.


Political dissidents are invited to speak at universities, testify before congress, speak and respeak their talking points on Larry King, and often sign lucrative book deals. This is because there is no injuction against political speech in spite of the rhetoric.

There are no political prisons. The only political prisoners languishing in their gymnasiums or libraries are those who allowed their dissidence to manifest as a criminal act. Words don't earn a dissident jail time unless you carve them into the lifeless flesh of a fellow human or etch them with flames across a half-built residential subdivision.

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April 06, 2004

Does Music Contribute?

Remember the outrage when young white teen males were committing acts of violence against each other and themselves, driven by the anger and nihilism of heavy metal music?

Activists like Tipper Gore vilified record companies for representing such bands as Metalica, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest. Artists were prosecuted in court as contributors to the mental state of depressed and suicidal boys, and in some cases were found liable and forced to pay substantial monetary awards to their surviving families. Frank Zappa and many other writers, producers, and band members were compelled to testify before a congressional committee.

The world was being destroyed by mind-numbed suicidal white teen-aged boys, and it was all because of Rock and Roll!

We look back now and see that era redefined by the Conventional Wisdom and the media at large as a "tempest in a teapot." I remember the platitudes and the fear mongering Mothers and Ministers, and I wonder as I look at the news every day, why isn't the same level of fear and hysteria being directed at the edgy, violent, misogynistic, racist, and hate-filled music of today?

We hear of one isolated minister or another speaking from their pulpits about the violence of Gangsta Rap, or the overt sexual or drug references of Hip Hop music. And every day we hear the increasing death toll in teen-aged males decried by the press and by the greater community.

Every day we hear of another drive-by, another knife or gun in a studednt's backpack, another victim of the mindset promoted by these recording artists. But instead of any cry against the huge cultural machine which manufactures these cookie-cutter Thug-o-licious CD's and promotes them to ever younger and more impressionable children, the social activists and "Moral Leaders" of the community do worse than not speaking out. They do worse than remaining silent as these kids continue to die and kill each other. These "Leaders" embrace these promotors, producers and artists and hold them up as good examples and role models for all of our children.

This phenom is not isolated to one ethnicity or economic group or social level. It does not pick and choose based on education, experience, or upbringing. Yet as 8 and 9 year old girls dress to excude their impending sexuality, and as boys of the same age begin to engage in more aggressive and territorial ways, it becomes more and more compelling for parents to direct their children away from the messages which bombard them daily and toward persuits which expose them to values and behaviors which will serve as paterns toward productive and successful futures.

Is it simplistic to blame it on the music? Perhaps it is, but at the very least the music is a representative sample of the cultural implosion we see all around us. The music, and it's parallel video universe, not only expose people to a mindset framed in criminal and hedonistic behaviors, but do so in a way which glamorizes the mindset and the culture which espouses it.

Tipper Gore and the rest of the indignant and angry mothers of the 80's? Where are you and your counterparts now?

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Counting down 'til Condi

I wish I were off on Thursday for the 9/11 Commission hearings. I'm going to have to supply my parents with a blank VHS tape so that I can see it in it's entirety when I get home. Fire up the microwave for buttered popcorn, and snag a diet Coke from the 'fridge. It's going to be better than CSI on Thursday night.

Oh, and I have such hopes for this (as I'm sure you can tell). I want to imagine that those lucky enough to be in the gallery or whatever passess as such will be asked to bring Hefty Bags and safety goggles with them. Just like those old Gallagher concerts with the Sledge-O-Matic™ and the seemingly infinite supply of fruits and other splatables.

Can you imagine seeing this on the backs of the tickets into the room that day?

"The 9/11 Commission will not be responsible for any damage done to private property, or to persons in attendance, during the testimony of Dr. Condi Rice. Neither will we be responsible for any mental illness or emotional trauma suffered by those in attendance who do not have the mental or emotional fortitude to watch the eviceration of former Deputy Advisor Richard Clarke. Medical personnel will be on site, and an ambulance will be on standby."

Damn, I wish I could see this as it happens. The last time a witness with this level of gravitas and potential testified in Washinton, it took weeks to get the stains out of the carpet. They're still finding bits of the Iran-Contra Committee in that room.

Oh, well. I can wait until I get home.

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April 05, 2004

Oh? Really?

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday Mammamontezz,
Happy Birthday to me!

WooHoo! Where's the cake?

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April 04, 2004

Ex-Communicated? Heavens!

About a week ago there was a story on the wires about how aides to candidate Kerry were setting up Catholic Churches for him to attend, then calling out the press for these "Press-Ops," making sure it was seen that the "believing and practising Catholic" was in church and receiving Communion.

Now, it seems, there may just be a bit of a problem with that, beyond their use of the sacraments as a publicity stunt. It seems the Press-Op they get may not be the one they want.

In the UK Telegraph article, Catholic Church 'will refuse Kerry Communion, Julian Coman reports that traditional Catholics are ready to do exactly that over Kerry's stance on abortion-linked issues.

Parrishioners in Catholic communities across the states are approaching their priests and bishops and demanding that they follow a directive given to them by the Pope at about the time of the 2000 presidential election. This directive states that persons who would allow or encourage women to abort their unborn children were in a state of mortal sin for which there was no absolution.

In laymen's terms, this person is Ex-Comminicated, cut off from the body of the Catholic Church and no longer able to take the sacraments.

Kerry and his camp are not at all pleased with this turn of events. The Democrat Party has long depended on the votes of Catholics, who amount to 25% of the total Christian population of the country. In my extended family alone, a large proportion are Democrat and have been all their lives.

Many Catholics, however, have left the Democrat camp because of their personal stand on abortion, and it is these Catholics who are attempting to force their churches to take what they say is the only proper stand and to follow the Vatican directive in this matter.

From personal experience, I will tell you that this will not be an easy task for traditional Catholics. I got into a discussion with a priest at the hospital where I work one day on why I would not vote for any Democrat who had in his or her voting record a vote for abortion rights. He said that to vote for a Republican was to vote against helping the poor. I looked him in the eye, and told him how disappointed I was that he, the shepherd of His flock on earth, would "put the self esteem and creature comforts of grown adults who have made bad life decisions over the very right to existance of the most vulnerable among us."

He just went white and looked as though I had physically struck him. He never said a word but turned and left the office. I didn't see him for several days while he mulled that one over, hopefully repeatedly.

But isn't that what the voters are doing when they back a candidate who embraces a policy or belief that is in complete contradiction to their own? Don't you then by default bloody your own hands?

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens over the next several months as these situations, both within the Kerry campaign and within the Catholic Church, play themselves out. All I can do is vote based on my knowledge of the issues and the candidates, and on my conscience.

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Woulda, Coulda, but Still Shouldn't

After September 11, 2001, for reasons of public safety and the protection of a national treasure, Liberty Island was closed to the public. The only way a tourist or native New Yorker could see the old lady was from shore or from the deck of a ferry or tour boat in the harbor.

And this was both necessary and good policy in the immediate aftermath of the terrorism that had taken down the two tallest buildings in NYC, damaged the symbol of the American military, and caused another jet to be brought down impotently in a farm field in Pennsylvania, albiet not without a horrible loss of life.

Eventually, the island was reopened, and tourists could walk about below the base of Lady Liberty. With increased security, it was determined that a limit number of persons could have access, and people began visiting her again.

We do not know how many people would have tried to destroy her, to desecrate a national symbol. We need not know. But we have to at least acknowledge that there have very probably been plans and plots to do so, and that restricting access to her contributed to her safety.

But is seems that this is not a good thing. There are complaints, via the Associate Press and the New York Times, that somehow because the Statue of Liberty could have been made open and available before now, it should have been.

They also complain that because the nonprofit foundation which supports and maintains the island and statue had a sizeable general fund and an endowment in the many millions of dollars, they should have spent it now to expidite her opening instead of setting it aside for the many more years she will stand and require maintenance and upkeep.

Yes, spend every nickel you have, throw open the entire island, and open a monument, irreplaceable, to the very real threat of terror for no other reason than you think it should be, and it possibly could have been.

How arrogant is that? For some editorialist at the oh so reputable New York Times to demand the opening of a monument that belongs not to New York City, but to all Americans, purely because their personal timetable says it could be is nothing short of egotism.

The children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of the millions of school children who saved their pennies and collected them together by classroom and school to build the massive base on which she stands are the people you insult with your vain and pandering drivel, not the United States Parks Service or the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation who maintain it for us. And to think you have any voice in this matter is ludicrous.

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First coat of paint is up and it's beginning to look like home. But you know, I really need to find a suitable piece of art for above the couch. That big macrame knotted thingy is retro, and that's cool, but it has seen better days. It's time to send this one to Brini Maxwell.

Gosh, I just love Brini. Martha Stewart with an acknowledged Y chromosome, and nice about it, too. A queen without being a Diva.

Now if I could just nab some of those wonderful pieces off the set of her Style Network show... Hmmm...

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April 03, 2004

Well, Isn't this nice?

Well, I've walked about and looked in all the closets and it looks good. And the appliances are better than I expected. Kinda like that dishwasher.

Now, I have pets. That shouldn't be a problem. They're well trained and well behaved.

No, none of them blogs, although Pandora has been giving it some thought. She was exposed to it when she lived in Seattle with her mom, and now that she's with me, she see's it when I blog and when the Spousal Unit blogs. But we can't afford a touch screen, and with no opposable thumbs it's a bitch for a canine blogger. (get it? bitch for a... nevermind)

Now, as long as I agree to put things back the way they are now if I ever leave, I can pretty much decorate any way I want. I mean, no Haitian love swings, or velvet Elvis paintings, but I have a pretty free rein with color and accesories? Cool.

Oh, I promise not to play the stereo too loudly, unless I'm listening to Dark Side of the Moon. No, I don't subscribe to anything in a plain brown wrapper. If I want something like that, I go to the store and just buy it.

Yes I think I'm going to like it here just fine. If you see a Lowes truck in the drive, he'll be delivering paint and rugs.

And thanks again for the invitation. Looks like it's going to be a good fit.

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The Centipede

Ogden Nash

I objurgate the centipede,
A bug we do not really need.
At sleepy-time he beats a path
Straight to the bedroom or the bath.
You always wallop where he's not,
Or, if he is, he makes a spot.

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