April 07, 2004

A Primer

I have observed a wide disparity of perception between what is generally labeled the "Anti-War" segment of the national debate and the rest of the population, be they relatively neutral, generally accepting of the war, or decidedly and emphatically "Pro-War."

In the interest of lessening the gap between these "Anti-war" persons and the rest of the population, I offer a few basic points, a primer as it were, from someone with a unique qualification: I pay attention.

Let us begin.

There is no "Off-On" switch for War. There is no clock or bell or buzzer. Nor are there periods, quarters, innings, rounds, or matches in war.

There are no Mulligans or "Do-Overs" when you miss your target, be it the one in your sites or the one on an estimated timetable.

You cannot negate a hit by yelling "missed me" and running on, guns blazing. Guns only blaze for so long before needing to be reloaded.

People sometimes get in the way. People often cannot get out of the way. "Friendly Fire" is a misnomer. "Hostile Fire" is equally a misnomer.

Bullets bear no grudges nor show any loyalty. That is not their purpose. Bullets exist and are used to kill as many members of the opposite side as possible, and to do so quickly. Their only way of determining the opposite side is to hit what they are aimed at. They are only as efficient or foolproof as the person firing them.

"Goldbricks" are called that because they bear striking similarities to actual boullion. They're difficult to carry, compromise your ability to move quickly as a team, and are worthless in combat.

Troops read everything they can from home, whether it's a letter, e-mail, magazine, book, or newspaper. Troops take to heart everything they read. If you want to make an impact of the morale of those in uniform, say something about one of them, their unit, their branch, their country, their commander, or their mom.

Symbols and symbolic actions are of equal import to both sides of any war. What is intended to inspire one side often either inflames or demoralizes the other. What is intended to belittle or demonize one side often uplifts and gives purpose to the other.

Symbols and symbolic actions intended for domestic consumption, to inflame, dissuade, or demoralize participants on one particular side the debate, will eventually have equivalent and opposite effects on the morale of troops of both sides.

To be a Pro-Troops/Anti-Military Protestor is to be an Oxymoron of the lowest order.

A coward is not a Conscientious Objector. A person who is unwilling to uphold his contractual obligations, even as he uses every program and benefit offered in the meantime, is not a Conscientious Objector. A deserter is not a Conscientious Objector.

There is nothing brave, patriotic, or courageous about marching in sizeable groups with signs and police protection on a public thoroughfare and then verbally or physically assaulting those who stand on the sides with "We Support Our Troops" or "God Bless America" signs.


Political dissidents are invited to speak at universities, testify before congress, speak and respeak their talking points on Larry King, and often sign lucrative book deals. This is because there is no injuction against political speech in spite of the rhetoric.

There are no political prisons. The only political prisoners languishing in their gymnasiums or libraries are those who allowed their dissidence to manifest as a criminal act. Words don't earn a dissident jail time unless you carve them into the lifeless flesh of a fellow human or etch them with flames across a half-built residential subdivision.

Posted by Mamamontezz at April 7, 2004 01:11 PM

Gret comments! Simple and to the point. I think your comment on paying attention is right on. Most people, especially those who are "peace protesters", don't take in the big picture, only superficial issues that are safe for them to deal with.

Peace is a great goal to have, but it is not achieved without blood, sacrifice, and unity. And at this pass, unity is the greatest thing we are missing: the unconditional support of our military. Pro-soldier / anti-War people don't get it.

Posted by: Rhodar at April 7, 2004 02:10 PM


"Peace protesters" who turn around and call our troops "murderers & executioners" are the lowest form of life, right along with the likes of Sod'em, Robert Mugabe, Charles Taylor, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, et al.

As to the issue of "collateral casualties" (which will scream from the *spit* "unbiased media" *spit*), when was the last time you saw an Iraqi insurgent/terrorist wearing a uniform? Every "innocent Iraqi" you see or will see in the foreseeable future will, most likely, be a dead insurgent/terrorist trotted out for the *spit* "unbiased media" *spit* to fawn all over and decry the "illegal occupation" by the Imperialists™.


Posted by: B.C. at April 7, 2004 11:24 PM

This clearly hits the nail on the head. As a service member things like this hit home hard. There is nothing that burns me up more than a protester who dares say they support me or my brethren. How can you support a person if you denounce all that they are? If you dare cower behind crowds, police and protest signs don't waste my time by stopping to tell me that you disagree with the war, but "have my back". If you had my back you'd drop the signs, stop the sniveling write to the troops at deployed locations, look for ways to support the family members of the countless heros who have given there lives so that we can do the things we do in the great nation, join the service or find a positive constructive way to truly support the troops. We are not baby killers, murderers, rapists or thugs. We are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and protectors. We are the people who ensure you (protesters) have the right to be sniveling, whining wussies. God Bless MamaMontezz and others who support the warfighters!

Posted by: Dedicated Airman at April 8, 2004 09:41 AM

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