September 17, 2008

A smidgen of housekeeping

To begin with, a heartfelt "thank you" to pixy for being so kind about reactivating this little bit of digital real estate. It lay about empty for so long, it will take weeks to get the weeds pulled, the shrubs trimmed, and the rodents routed.

And the size of those rodents! Not to mention the sheer numbers of them. Sadly, they have gotten so bad that I have been forced to turn of comments for the time being. Not that any of you will find yourselves compelled to comment, but it would have been nice to have left them available and unmolested. Damned ratus spammicus.

Well, if they refuse to cease and desist, I may be forced to send a few roller babes after them. The visual of tough, fish-net wearing, wheeled warriors scattering the vermin hordes is so very satisfying on levels most can barely comprehend. If it works for you like it works for me, you may want to find some time in your busy schedule to indulge in such Female-Dominant Mayhem by taking in a bout with the Naptown Rollers here in Indianapolis.

Where else can you enjoy hot, sweaty, voluptuous and violent vixens in scanty clothes and wheeled leather boots whipping asses, taking names and leaving long lasting marks, all in a fun-filled family event? Most places require valid photo ID, a two drink minimum, a wad of singles for tipping and a steep cover charge for this much fun.

I think it's time for an outing. Pack up all of Lillith-Indy and go see a game as part of the munch. Get everyone all worked-up. Make a party out of it.

Lillith? You ask "Who is Lillith" and want to know what a munch is?

Ah, that is for another time, little one.

Ms Lila

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November 05, 2007

And do I have your attention now?

*cross posted from the Spousal Unit's site*

The power was turned of by accident. IPL was instructed only to remove my name from the account and to keep the power on for you so that you and Beth could go back to your house. I will make sure that the refrigerator is emptied of all of the ruined food.

I have taken and am taking only those things that I brought into your house, or that I purchased alone, or that were purchased for me by my parents. Because of schedules and a lack of help, there are still a great many things that I need to remove. I would appreciate not being impeded as I do so. If I find that I have inadvertently taken something of yours, I will return it to you.

As far as appliances go, I am leaving the stove which will require an igniter for the right hand side, the refrigerator, and the washer/dryer set that my parents gave me when I bought our old house. If you do not plan on keeping the house, or are allowing it to be foreclosed on by the bank, I will come and remove them. They are there to make Anna's life easier, not enhance the pockets of Chase Manhattan.

I apologize for not leaving your house sooner. You made it abundantly clear that I was no longer welcome or wanted on the day you took Erin with you to the bank while I was at work, and made her the co-endorser on the checking account with your retroactive social security disability pay.

It was with that singular act that you announced that you no longer considered me your wife or our marriage viable. As such, I have made other arrangements and have vacated the house in which I was no longer welcome. I did not want to wait there for the day I was literally asked to leave, living on borrowed time in a house I helped pay for.

You remain covered on my health insurance. Regardless of how you feel about this situation right now, of how you squandered a marriage, your health, and your savings, I will not abandon you with no health care. I will not, however, be responsible for your co-payments or additional charges. Nor will I change Anna's coverage in anyway. I have, however, taken steps to ensure that no one but you or I have any input in her healthcare, and I expect this to be respected.

I wish you and Beth well. I hope you find happiness with her. Obviously you did not with me.


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September 08, 2005

News, good or bad...

I received an email today from the Spousal Unit in response to one of mine that instructed him to call Social Security and find out the status of his case.

This is what he said:

"The reviewers office person told me that a decision had been made, could not tell me the decision, and that it had been sent to Chicago on a random quality check on the 15 of August, and that I should get a letter within the next week with all the information."

I read that and felt a ham-handed stirring in my gut. A decision has been made. Good, bad or indifferent.

Send up a little prayer that it's good news. Even if all we get is one month's check, it would make all the difference in the world. It might just give Delfts back some of his dignity and take combative stench from the air inside our home.

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August 17, 2005

Excuses, excuses...

This has been an extremely chaotic last few weeks, and it has affected a great many aspects of my life, personal, home, work and work. Another Cotillon has passed, and if not for the goodness of the gracious and ever thoughtful hostesses, I'd have not been included at all.

Anna, my precious girl, has moved in with her older half-sister and her mother to go to school at a better school. She is safer there, as there are adults in the home in the evening who can help her with her school work and be with her. I have been forced to work evenings, and was never seeing her, and as a consequence her grades were suffering as was her emotional state. Delfts and I were both concerned about her safety in the area, and agreed to sign an educational "guardianship" for the school year. It has been pretty awful, not having her around, seeing her asleep when I got home, finding her "experiments" in the kitchen or bathrooms. I hate it that she's gone, but at least she's safe.

Delfts took another step on the way to a decision on his Social Security on the 1st when he took a treadmill EKG at a local hospital. Three minutes into the test, the technician pulled him off the treadmill and made him take nitro tablets. His baseline EKG before the test was already abnormal to the point of concerning her, but then his blood pressure shot to 260+/198 and the poor woman was not happy. She did state that if she were the one making the decision, he'd be on SSD, but sadly she is not. I just wonder what the next test will be. One step closer, how many steps back?

A young man has moved into our home as a means of providing him with a good place to stay while he prepares for college in the spring, as well as giving the household accounts a small and much needed infusion. Chris has been very helpful, working hard in the yard, keeping things picked up, and being good company for Delfts. He has also wasted no time getting applications for jobs in the area, not to mention he thinks he and Delfts may be able to get the "totalled" Chrysler working. I could not have asked for a better person to take the spare room, as I have known and trusted him for a long time and just knew he'd be family in no time.

Work is as stressful as ever, but then again, when is it not? We all deal with personalities and foibles each and every day, and try to move on. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but still we all try. At least my review went better than I had expected, and perhaps the small raise it may entail will not throw me into the next tax bracket. I've had that happen before, and it can certainly ruin one's finances.

We do have water again, and the utilities will be caught up as much as possible on Friday when I'm paid. As long as we can just keep them up, we'll be fine. In the meantime, I'm getting ready to put a few of my 50's era pre-space race home furnishings up for sale. Hopefully, given that they're in good shape, it will give me a little extra for the household. There's a free section of the classified ads now for inexpensive items. Wish me luck on that. And if any of you is near Indy, I have some great Eames era lamps with original shades.

Writing used to be such a release for me, a place for me to explore my mind, my heart, my soul... a place where I could entertain myself and hopefully entertain a few readers as well. Lately, though, I cannot put three words in order on a page and find any pleasure in it. Nothing wants to be written, nothing wants to be written about, and it has been extremely frustrating and brutal. Paper and pen, word and phrase have been my refuge for as long as I can remember, and this has produced such a sense of abandonment as to render me creatively impotent. I had hoped that finding some stability at work and at home would help, but so far all I get are small glimpses of what I want to write, or fleeting glimmers of phrase.

Because of this, I have had nothing to contribute to the Cotillion, something that makes me feel quite small and very inadequate. To have been thought of highly enough to be included, then to be unable to produce anything even remotely suitable has hurt deeply. I do not like feeling that I have let down anyone, much less such a talented and amazing group of women as these women are. Please, take a moment and go to their blogs, because they, at least, are out there slaying the dragons and saving both the Knights and minions in distress the way I should be but oddly cannot. And to you fine women, please accept my apologies and be patient with this insane woman. This too shall pass, I hope, and quickly.

Yes, yes, excuses, excuses. I'm sure this will be sniped at by that delusional Aussie blogger wanabe, but so be it. I had to laugh the other day when Delfts pointed out that I'm back in its sights again. Something about my "strap-on" if I remember correctly. Anyone who knows me knows I don't believe in strap-on devices unless they have ballistic capabilities, and those use a holster, not a harness.

Well, go out and visit the Cotillion. Awesome reads by awesome women. Even if I can't write worth a damn, I can still point at good writing and enjoy it.

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