July 19, 2005

I'm sorry, Ladies.

To the Ladies of the Cotillion, I extend my sincerest apologies. I have been reduced to dial-up on a system which does not tolerate such coarse and common things as line noise or static. Also, I have been imbroiled in some personal issues which have taken away a lot of my desire to write. The issues I cared about, well, I've become jaded and uninterested. The news and events that once got my knickers in a knot don't even turn my head. And much of what I have written... well, it's entirely too personal for this blog, so I will share it with the ones for whom it was written for now.

These things have conspired to make my blog unwieldy and my writing unpostible until I manage to either get my DSL back or find an alternative place from which to post.

At this point, I'm sequestered in the hospital library, busily trying to get something up this week, as I do not know when I will have another opportunity for a few days.

Go, take in the Cotillion. It breaks my heart that for the last two weeks I have been unable to participate, but with some luck and a little intestinal fortitude I'll have something for inclusion next week. If they will still have me, of course. I wouldn't blame them a bit for cutting my ass loose.

Go. Read. Just know that at this point, I'm both the happiest and unhappiest that I ever have been, and that soon I will explain why.

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June 28, 2005

Darling, please pass out the fans.

I do declare this week has been the hottest in ever so long, and it seems that it's going to get even hotter if these ladies have anything to say about it. Cotillons in June should never be as hot as those in August, but I'd almost swear this one will be remembered that way.

The lovely and vivacious RightWingSparkle has organized a goodly number of the debs in her corner of the ballroom for samba lesson.

Across the way, the ever so beautiful Stacy has collected other "Non-Desparate Housewives" for an exercise in logic and grace. Well that's what they call it, but I hardly think watching a dvd of Dirty Dancing will lead to much Logic and Grace inspite of their protests.

MaxedOutMama, forever a deb and never a chaperone, has bribed the combo into playing some Big&Rich and is line dancing with several other debs and their escorts smack dab in the middle of the dancefloor. I knew that rhinestone saddle in place of a mirrored ball was only going to lead to trouble.

And SondraK... *shakes my head* Well, as soon as she gets those garter holsters figured out I'm sure she'll be here with her entourage. That's what comes of having a party at the gun range before the Cotillion. That entire group is probably having their nails redone after nicking them up reloading clips. Some things are best left until Wednesday.

And now, before I become positiviely prostrate from the heat, I will avail myself of a cold lemonade and cucumber sandwich.

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June 21, 2005

Ah, soft breezes through organdy dresses...

Oh, with the first day of summer it was time to pull out the white, organdy dress and the kidskin flats. Is anything cooler in the summer than a crisply clean and pressed sheer cotton frock? Not to mention the severe and wonderful sensations of being bound snuggly in that lovely corset... Ah, but I digress.

Ah, and who will be our hostesses this week? Well, I have it on good authority that inspite of her breeding, manners and gentility, Sadie was seen in the company of several unsavories on a quest to procure a supply of genuine Chatham Artillery Punch for this week's soiree. Crystal has the pit dug, the coals lit, and poor Durbin the pig trussed like, well, like a pig for our feasting and luau pleasure. And charparoning this week as well as joining in hostessing is Tammy, who doubtless has thing so impecably organized that it will run itself.

Please, corsets and petticoats are not de rigeur, as it is now summer and not all of you frail flowers of womanhood have the constitution for them. For the rest of us, however, they are more then a foundation. They're a fashion statement.

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June 20, 2005

Save the DNC?

Yes, you heard me right. Save the DNC. Now, hold on, let me explain.

I was making the Pre-Cotillion rounds of my fellow Debutantes and wandered over to Jody's StealTheBandwagon, an excellent writer with strong opinions supported by intelligent arguements. (Blogroll her, folks. You'll be glad you did.) Her top post today caught my eye and made me think.

Just a sample:

Why has the two party system worked so well for our country? Because both parties have traditionally been toward the center of the political spectrum and because the center is where most American people reside. The moderate right and the moderate left have kept the fringe elements of their parties under wraps. Until now. As Republicans, we have a vested interest in the Democrats NOT going off the deep end.

Now, think about this, people. We've seen this in the Republican party as well, with the isolationists, the religio-fanatics (No, don't even try to imply I'm talking bout all religious people. You know who I'm talking about.), those who desire ethnic/racial/gender purity. And we've also seen these members of what Teddy Roosevelt called the "Lunatic Fringe" returned for the most part to where they belong, in the relative obscurity of their own festering, intollerence filled lairs.

As those episodes occurred, we also saw an increase in the Moonbat Factor on the left. It happens in an almost direct ratio to the Lunacy Factor on the right.

So now here we stand, at a moment in politics when we all helplessly watch the left spasm and jerk like some wounded animal, lashing out at all who disagree and chewing off it's own leg to get away from the snare, the Moonbats, which bind it where it now sits. As we do, remember that the political/ideological snare we walk past every day, the one off to the far right of the ever widening path, gets closer and closer to our own ankles.

Jody, you're absolutely right. The Democrat Party must purge itself of extremism or we, too, are doomed to follow in it's footsteps.

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June 15, 2005

Volitile Babe of the VRWC

You know from reading me that it doesn't really take much to get my thong in knot, and we all know how uncomfortable that can be. Disrespecting members of the military, Religio-bigotry, Racism, these things and more can set off my anger and get me ranting.

But there is one other thing, possibly the hottest of "Hot Buttons" for this late-starting mother. You want me angry enough to break or shoot something, show me an article about a child being exploited by a person in a position of trust.

Sure, the random predators who prey on children are vile scum, shitstains on the fabric of humanity. But none is so evil, so completely without redemption, than a parent or other family member who would use their own child or relative for sexual gratification. This animal has bent, folded, stapled and mutilated into oblivion their membership card in the Human Race.

Want a few examples of what I'm talking about? Merri leaves no question on this whatsoever. Read that, then go hug your children tight.

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