June 30, 2005

A is for...

Teenagers... Sometimes they need understanding. Sometimes they need a swift cuff in the back of the head with a firm hand.

What on earth was going through their addled, probably drunken, potentially drugged, anti-social little nugget-like minds? Do you think for one moment that they even considered the possibility of killing Lord knows how many people during their little spree? They probably giggled like hormonally deficiant, pre-pubescent school girls about it as they doused one flag after another in gasoline and set it aflame.

This isn't a free speech issue here. This isn't political dissent, or differing opinions, or an act of protest. I agree with Tom Lyons of the Sarasota Herald Tribune when he states, "Those guys didn't set fire to flags they owned in some sort of symbolic gesture. They burned flags that were someone else's private property, something with a value to the owners that goes beyond the cost of the cloth.

But far worse than that, some of those flags were on poles attached to the owners' homes.

Burning those flags goes way beyond expressing contempt in a petty-criminal sort of way. It is a chillingly dangerous and invasive act."

Just because these Anarchist sphincter-boys are young and American doesn't lessen what they did. They terrorized a neighborhood and the families within it because they hate America. Pack their sorry assses and let them spend a week in a glorified Dog Kennel on Gitmo as an object lesson. I'd go into a swoon if some judge did that. I'd be his pet forever.

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Posted by: Jack at July 1, 2005 12:07 PM

I live near the little miscreants, and I have ahuge Fire ant mound in my pasture.Stakes ,Rope,Maple syrup,Two miscreants some assembly reqiured...I would have slapped them sensless if they burned my Flag.
I hope they get a good whippin in jail.
Hope you and Delfts have a good Holiday Weekend

Posted by: LC-IB. NEilV at July 3, 2005 09:18 AM
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