May 10, 2005

Thank You

Words cannot convey the deep and humble gratitude I feel at this time. What was initially a horrific experience has been turned into one of awesome belonging and, dare I say it, Family.

It's hard to find the words... It truly is. All the words that come to mind sound trite and cliche, but sometimes they are the only ones that say what needs to be said.

Thank you so very, very much. Your kind words, your offers of assistance, and the selfless sharing of the fruits of your own hard labor and sacrifice have been overwhelming. Bloggers, readers, friends from the Loyal Citizens chatroom, Texans, Cheeseheads, Jersey guys, Hoosier girls, all of you have my thanks and the thanks of my little family.

I knew how good you all were when you made Anna's birthday so special last November, and you all went way above and beyond then. But nothing compares to this. Nothing even comes close. I just don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you all for your kindness and generosity. I am forever in your debt.

Posted by Delftsman3 at May 10, 2005 05:43 PM

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