April 30, 2005

Misha's Over It.

It was after reading the writings of Emperor Misha that the Spousal Unit became a reader of blogs. After reading them for a few weeks, he introduced me to them, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Even after these last two years or so, even as many bloggers have moved on, their politics have changed, and the even the styles and core beliefs of some their blogs have changed, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has remained constant. Misha, and his merry minions BC, George, and Spats, mince no words, spare no one's "feelings", loudly proclaim their well founded and equally well grounded opinions, and defend them against all comers.

Often times, what I read on that site is so well stated that I can make absolutely no improvement on it. This is one of those cases. As such, and because I believe this is important, not only is there a link to his post, I have also posted it here.

Misha, I could never have said it better, and I stand with you on this. I am sick to death of being disabused for being a Christian, albeit not the best nor the strongest.

I will concede to the rabble that there are people who connect themselves to Christianity, not because of their beliefs, but to legitimize their fundamentally evil beliefs: people like the Klan, who claim justification for their hatred from a perversion of Biblical teachings, and cultists who surround themselves with the spiritually weak for their own personal gratification, and the conspicuous seeking of personal wealth by televangelists.

But to hold them up as the Boogyman, indicative of all Christians, would be like me using Courtney Love as the yardstick by which all women can be measured, or Mike Tyson as the epitome of all black men.

So I leave you now to read Misha's post.

The "Extreme Christian Right" Speaks Out.

...or at least this particular member of it does.

I was certainly happy to see that Sir George attracted the incandescent ire of a poster boy Idiotarian with his little "lynching" post. You know that you're not doing your job well if a day goes by without a screeching, feces-flinging liberal monkey hating your guts. Judge a man by his enemies, I say. I don't want to be "loved" by those ruminating retards. Heck, I don't even want to be "liked" by them. Oderint Dum Metuant, and fear they do.

I just hope that KaKaHead remembers to drag out some pictures from Auschwitz the next time one of his fellow travelers on the Drooling Left starts throwing "Bush=Hitler" comparisons around or refers to him or anybody else on the right as a "Nazi". I know he won't, but it would be nice if the fatuous fucktards to the left would start playing by the rules that they insist everybody else should follow. An Emperor can dream, can't he?

But enough about him.

As a Christian, His Majesty is very much used to the intellectually challenged marginal members of society calling him and his fellow believers "theocrats" and "religious fanatics" everytime we, Heaven forbid, utter the L-rd's name in public or suggest that the Ten Commandments contain some pretty nifty rules to live by.

Barely have we uttered the words before a shitstorm of truly biblical proportions blows forth from the fevered swamps of liberalism, claiming that by the mere mention of Holy Scripture in public we're about to put unbelievers to the sword and burn down their most unholy places, laying the foundations of an extremist theocracy.

But they're the loony left, so what do you expect? They're clinically batshit insane, paranoid schizophrenics to a man, so it's not like anybody's sitting around waiting for a thoughtful dissertation from their unwashed hordes.

Or look at confirmation hearings. We guess that the words about "no religious tests for public office" don't quite mean what they used to mean, because one thing that is sure to get your confirmation held up ad infinitum is if somebody finds out that you're actually *gasp* a practicing Christian. Forget about being a closet pedophile or an axe murderer, if you ever let on that you not only attend church but actually believe in the Bible, you'll be burned at the proverbial stake faster than you can say "Our Father".

But again, that's what we expect from Idiotarians.

What troubles us is when, as was the case during the Schiavo case, even people we normally think very highly of (i.e. everybody who is not a card-carrying, rubber-stamped Idiotarian Class A) start rumbling such nonsense.

Barely had the word gotten out that there were *gasp* Christians among the opponents of starving the handicapped to death when their estranged spouses grow tired of having them around, before the entire anti-starvation "movement", private citizens and public figures alike, was branded as an "extremist Christian right wing movement", hell-bent on throwing the Constitution out and instituting a theocratical dictatorship on par with, if not worse, than the Taliban.

When questioned about the insanity behind those claims, the debate invariable boiled down to "well, it's OK that they're Christians and all, but their policies had better not reflect the fact."

In other words, we are graciously allowed to be Christians, as long as we keep our mouthes shut about it.

To those people I have a heartfelt and perhaps, in their view, un-Christian piece of advice:

Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.

Want it again?

OK, here goes:

Fuck you seventeen ways from Sunday and fuck your dictatorial aspirations. Fuck your anti-Christian bigotry and fuck your complete lack of understanding of the meaning of "faith".

Being a Christian is not something you only switch on at festive occasions and Sunday mornings and otherwise forget about. And I should know, because I wasn't always one. But at least, even in my misguided wandering in the wilderness of my youth, my then atheism didn't make me tell my Christian fellow citizens to shut up about their faith in public. I didn't tell them to be one thing on Sunday and another the rest of the week.

Because, you see, I understood that your faith is part of you, whether your faith is in some higher being(s) or in nothing at all. I understand also that it's pretty hard for somebody who believes in nothing and nobody but themselves to understand this, but that's the way it works.

Let me try to put it in a way that might be more understandable to the militant atheists and agnostics out there. How would you like it if I said "well it's OK for you to be a Conservative, as long as your policy decisions don't reflect that fact"?

Sounds like complete and utter nonsense to you? Good! Now you're beginning to get it.

Is it Scripture you have a problem with? The fact that we Evil Christian Theocrats tend to actually believe in the central tenets of our faith (the horror!)?

Very well then. You Libertarians will kindly refrain from ever once again quoting from anything Ayn Rand ever wrote when making your case for anything in public. I don't want your Aynrandocratic Belief System forced on me in the public square. You can believe in it all you want, but you better not ever be caught quoting it in public, you "dangerous radical extremist" you.

Is it beginning to seep in yet?

Or how about this?:

Is it OK for me to be against murder, even though I'm a Christian and it is said in the Commandments that "thou shalt not murder"? I mean, I am using my faith as a basis for my opinion here, so clearly it's a "dangerous theocratic extremist worldview" that I'm trying to foist on you. I'm against theft, adultery, and bearing false witness as well, but I'll know better than to ever say so in public, since again I'm quoting from Scripture and am therefore clearly trying to "establish a religion".

Of course, if I were an atheist it would be alright, because at least I wouldn't be using the Bible to arrive at my conclusions.

See how ridiculous this gets pretty quickly?

I am what and who I am, and my opinions reflect that. If you have a problem with my opinions, feel free to address those using the substance of my opinion as an argument, NOT where you claim that I got it from. You can't read my mind, and I have to tell you that you look pretty damn Idiotarian when you scrunch up your face and try, so don't even bother.

And as for the tiresome persecution of public officials based only on their Christianity, I advise you to knock it off, right quick.

We Christians have somehow managed to get a reputation for being a "meek and mild flock who always turn the other cheek".

Try opening a history book.

Then let go of that delusion.

For your own sakes.

Posted by Mamamontezz at April 30, 2005 05:50 PM

Hot Damn! That was beautiful, like you I wouldn't change a word.

Posted by: Jack at April 30, 2005 07:15 PM

"We are as constant as the Morning Star..." :-D

Ayup, he posted a good'un, didn't he?  I linked to it, too.

Posted by: Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant at April 30, 2005 10:06 PM

As usal the Emperor Slaps the ball over the fence and into the parking lot.
I will not apoligise to any wanker because I live by the Ten Commandments...
Cheers from Sunny tampa Bay

Posted by: LC/Ib NeilV at May 2, 2005 08:27 AM

Y'all are too kind :)

Thanks, and you have my assurance that I'm never going to change. I'm having too much bloody fun being me and, besides, I've found so many fellow travellers because of it, friends that I'd never dared hope that I deserved.

Posted by: Misha I at May 7, 2005 09:37 PM

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Posted by: prescription at October 19, 2005 01:49 PM
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