March 07, 2005

Call for Letters

Blackfive, one of the finest people with whom I have been acquainted online, is asking for letters to a group of Tankers. Now, I know from experience you are all amazing letter writers, and I hope you will avail yourselves for his effort.

Please, go over, write a letter, and get it to him. Mine is posted below.

Dearest Tanker,

Spring has finally arrived, albeit modestly, in Indianapolis. Three days ago a robin stood his ground just five feet away from me, listening for the earthworms' song that would signal his dinner. The crocus bulbs have begun to push their tender green heads through the loose, damp earth, and the air has the smell of fertile mud. It is resurrection and rebirth, and the change is palpable.

The beauties that are spring are everywhere. I hope that as you work your days and your nights you are able to find the signals of the changing season around you as well. Know that as you look down and see a small, sweet green shoot fighting for it's way to the sun, your family and friends and love, even a love perhaps not known to you now, look down and see the tender grass fighting toward the same sun. Know that even across the thousands of miles that separate us all, we can share the miracle that is spring.

My online radio is playing George Benson, and his songs stir the soul with rememberances of love and life. Take the time to let the music touch you and bring you home through your headset or earbuds, and let your soul be touched. The goodness of your soul needs fed, and a song can do that almost as well as the sun breaking through on a rainy day. Close your eyes and let the music caress you and know it, too, links us all.

Take care, little brother. Live well, little sister. Spring is here.

Yours sincerely,

Lila Meyer,

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