January 21, 2005

All Work and No Play...

An assnugget named Peer Larson has decided that doing homework cramps his lifestyle...

From Foxnews.com:

Peer Larson, 17, had lined up a dream camp counselor job last June, but honors pre-calculus homework turned his summer into a headache.

"It didn't completely ruin my summer, but it did give me a lot of undue stress both at home and at work," the high school junior said Thursday. "I just didn't have the energy or the time for it."

Oh Boo Frickety Hoo!

You take an honors class...then bytch and moan because it causes you some stress at your summer camp excursion...Get over it you fu**ing self-indulged, baby-boomer spawn. College will be no walk in the park. Honors classes, more times than not, are designed to separate the wheat from the husks.

If you want to spend your summers feeling up 13 year olds at summer camp, then don't waste the school's time and money by signing up for honors courses.

I predict this asshat will sue his future college for forcing him to come home early, after a spring break session full of binge drinking and co-ed raping, to finish his essay in remedial logic.

Posted by Darth Monkeybone at January 21, 2005 02:51 PM

Definitely qualifies as an assnugget.

Posted by: EC at January 21, 2005 02:53 PM

Kick his ass out of the house and let him fend for himself. A good dose of reality is long overdue.

Posted by: Jack at January 21, 2005 04:37 PM

This kid was signed up for an honors program, so he just might have needed a glimmer of a Clue™ that extra work might actually be needed. That meant he was just so overwhelmed with homework that he scarcely had time to round up a shyster, hold a few public appearances, and make damn sure any responsible future employer knows he's a shirker with a serious need for an asskicking.

Posted by: weaselteeth at January 23, 2005 12:16 AM

He needs a week at Uncle Ernies Hilday camp,The little snot weasel....A pimp slapping is called for...What a marooon.....

Posted by: Lc NEilV at January 24, 2005 01:49 PM

I knew this kid and I totally agree with everyone else. It said in an article that I read online that he met this teacher and the teacher explained ot his class what would be expected-including homework over the summer. If he wasn't going to do the work over the summer, then he should've signed up for the class. I took an AP Art Class with my teacher at Whitnall, and she had us do many assignments over the summer, but believe me...everyone knew what they were getting into. Grow up Peer...and while you're at it, get over your speech impediment!

Posted by: Emily at March 12, 2005 12:55 PM

I know this is really old now and all, but I happen to go to Whitnall, and Peer is my lab partner.

This guy is an ass wipe in so many ways. Today he attempted to argue that there is no seperation of Church and State.

Yeah fucker, do your homework and maybe you'd learn something.

Posted by: Alysa at October 5, 2005 06:28 PM
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