January 21, 2005

Who was responsible?

Everyone's favorite ascerbic has posted his list of the ten people he holds most responsible for screwing up this country in his lifetime. It got me thinking, and I was a little surprised that our lists didn't match up better.

1. Madelyn Murray O'Hair-She was so completely consumed by her quest to promote her athiesm as not just an alternative to a belief in a higher power, that she set the stage for the bullshit twerps like Michael Newdow (sp) and his insanity even now, decades later.

2. Gloria Steinhem-Little girls are no longer allowed to be little girls, and little boys have been stigmatized and damaged by this woman and her brand of feminism. Sorry, bitch. We're different, and we should be celebrating our differences, not crying foul everytime we get offended by some poor man's innocent advances. We used to call it "Courtship" and because of you it's all sexual harassment.

3. Televangelists-Yeah, sure, it's more than one person. It's an entity. But I'm going to include it anyway. They bilked pensioners out of their life savings with the promise of eternity, and sent them nothing but tap water in plastic vials, "Holy Handkerchiefs" and pebbles from the Temple Mount. They did more during the 80's to hurt genuine Christians and bring ridicule to faith than anyone else did, short of Lucifer himself sitting in a gilt chair on a poorly lit set in a bumped up wig and polyester suit.

4. Richard Daley-who bought and paid for the 1960 election with his crooked political machine in Chicago and it's spillover into northern Indiana.

5. Abbie Hoffman-Well, him and his ilk, who ripped this country apart and aided such humanitarian world leaders as Ho Chi Min.

6. Jesse Jackson-He took a decent, much needed and productive movement and turned it into his own private piggybank.

7. George Soros-At least he learned that throwing money at something isn't always successful, or we'd have seen a completely different inauguration on Thursday. He destabilized the economies of nations all over the world, and I wouldn't be surprised if he weren't up to his ass in the current weakening of the dollar overseas.

8. Ross Perot-Just look at the 1990's and you'll see the effect he had on this country with his "homespun populist" bullshit.

9. Walter Cronkite-He built our trust in his objectivism, then betrayed it by using it to forward his own agenda. And he didn't have the courage of his own convicitions to state his agenda until after he had retired and his lunacy was exposed.

10. Richard Nixon-And it wasn't just the damage he did to the nation as a whole, but to the political environment of the country for the last three decades. Because of him, good men are tarred with the same brush he was for no other reason than their political affiliation. Because of him, a lot of qualified people who could do great things for this country either cannot or will not sacrifice themselves or their families in the pursuit of public office.

There are more, but this was what came out of sleep deprivation at almost 5am.

Posted by Mamamontezz at January 21, 2005 03:58 AM

Super list, all deserving like Acidman's list, of deep consideration are "Sheets" Byrd and Ted Kennedy.

Posted by: Jack at January 21, 2005 11:29 AM

Funny, but I get the feeling when I see Steinhem on TV in an interview or just talking, that there is this inkling waaaaay back in her eyes, a kind of little spark of intense sadness that says, "I screwed it up big time wasting my life whining about men instead of loving at least one and having great sex and children. Now I'm alone with only my asinine personal "philosophy" but hanging out with a bunch of other sexless women just like me to comfort me in my old age, and it's really lonely as hell."

Posted by: Shep at January 21, 2005 08:48 PM
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