December 17, 2004

Alas, I never knew ye...

I never had the opportunity to meet Cpl Kyle Renehan. I've known his younger brother, Spence, through the Rottweiler's "Loyal Citizen Chat" for a long time, talking sometimes into the wee hours during times when he just needed someone to listen.

The event of Kyle's injury and death was very hard on him, as it would be on any brother in the same situation, but not knowing what kind of person Kyle was I didn't know the whole story. I wondered if I would ever know.

Today, on the USMC website we find some insight into what sort of man Cpl Renehan was. My favorite part?

According to Cpl. Curtis A. Smith, 23, a communications technician with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 and a Virginia Beach, Va., native, Renehan was a close friend who would always find ways to have fun.

During the MEU's urban training in Morgantown, W.Va., he and Renehan were manning a position on a small hill to control aircraft. At one point a small wooden structure was brought out to them to work from. According to Smith, the thing looked like an old lemonade stand.

"Renehan, being the jokester he is, makes this little sign that said 'Lemonade $.25,' and hangs it out in front," Smith said. "Then he just changed the call sign to lemonade stand. So for the rest of the time, when the aircraft would come, he would say 'this is the lemonade stand, make sure you stop by for $.25 lemonade when you get back.'"

Take the time to read the rest of the item.

And also, please take the time to read his Baltimore Sun obituary and to sign the guest book for his family. The guestbook will remain open until January 16, 2005 for your condolences.

Thanks to LCBeth for this information.

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