October 20, 2004

Home Brewing

Well, I've spent the better part of an hour or so looking online for plans for making stills and making, er, Home Made Wine. Damn, some of those set-ups are pricey! So I kept on looking and found an interesting plan using plastic buckets and such.

Over on the right hand side, it has a place to click for still-building instructions. Pretty interesting, if you ask me. I can't imagine how that might work, since it's my understanding that you have to steam off for a while to get rid of the methanol.

Hmmm... I might just have to give that a shot.

Posted by Mamamontezz at October 20, 2004 06:57 PM

That sounds like fun.

My mom used to make homemade blackberry wine when I was a kid. I'll ask her how they did it and if it sounds simple (meaning if I can comprehend it) I'll mail you the plans.

Posted by: sherry at October 20, 2004 07:44 PM

I still have a whole shitload of glassware I, ah, borrowed from my college chemistry lab thirty-two years ago...all the stuff you need to make a dandy still for some of that homemade shine...er, wine. Plus a Soxhelet extractor in case you wanted to extract the active ingredients from certain vegetable matter. Yeah.

Still in the basement...but once in a while I'm tempted to hook it all up.

Posted by: Steve at October 20, 2004 09:50 PM

When I was 21, I made some, it was very very strong, but it tasted like hot piss. The two bottles we had in Helen Georgia, was the best I ever had, it was GREAT, Cat.

Posted by: Catfish at October 20, 2004 11:49 PM
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