September 05, 2004

Jack's Link

Jack sent this one with no additional comment, so I will add my own to this one.

Mark Styne, columnist for the Chicago Sun Times and for Britains Telegraph Group, has a piece in today's Australian about the masacre of 350 (at this time) children in a school in Beslan.

No Word For It But Slaughter says in plain and brutal language what must be said. Mr. Styne says it so well, there is nothing I can add, nor can I cherry-pick a quote that adequately sums up the item. It bears reading in it's entirety. It also bears being posted in as many places as possible.

Jack, this is an amazing piece. Thank you for sending me this link. And the rest of you? Get reading.

Posted by Mamamontezz at September 5, 2004 07:24 PM

I wanted to thank you for clueing The Rott re al-Qerry's blindness and spiritual kinship with the Communists.

Kerry vilified us all, with calumny! He didn't just tell lies, he MADE UP LIES INTENDING TO HURT. Look it up, that's the definition of 'calumny'!

When I saw those pitiful, small remnants pictured there, (I'd already read Mark's column half a day ago) I was sure of the link between Kerry and those who bayonet little boys for begging for water; who laugh while shooting fleeing children in the back; who delight in maiming and killing themselves and others, most especially others IF they're pregnant women, old men and women or near-naked children!

Stay the course, Mama. Write clearly.
Let not your tears cloud your wisdom, for sadness is NOT SUFFICIENT!!

I stood 4 honorable years, against the enemies of freedom, self-determination and decency! I'll stand another 40, God willing! And with every breath, I'll thank the Lord, God Almighty, that Kerry NEVER GOT NEAR the White House!

Thank you, Ma'am. I clicked through on Lileks' tribute to REAL victims of 9/11 (of Islamo-fascist thugs!) and I ended up here.

Forgive my tears, they're tears of passion, not pain. It all comes back to loving America.


Posted by: Sharps Shooter at September 6, 2004 10:51 AM

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