August 18, 2004

Write about what?

I've been through the last 24 hours of links at twice, and nothing, absolutely nothing, interests me enough to put fingertips to keyboard for even an insignificant obligatory post. It's the same tired nonsense I've been reading for a week. Or perhaps I'm just a tad distracted.

Not even the Olympics can get me excited enough to write, primarily because "He Who Holds The Remote" doesn't enjoy sports of any kind and has pretty much refused to watch them. As such, I haven't seen many of the Non-Sports masquarading as Olympic sports, things like Syncronized Diving, or that pathetic team of NBA scrubs. Yeah, once it was a Dream Team, with the likes of Bird and Magic. Now? A bunch of tattooed up, thuggish, gangsta-wannabee showboats who didn't refuse to participate, as did most of the top tier players who were asked first. And that's not just me speaking. That is pretty much what Iverson said in an interview during the opening ceremonies. See? Even they recognize it.

I've already made the Baby Arrival announcement. If I write about that again, I'll get called a "dotty, old, baby-freak." Well, truth hurts, but I'm still not going to write about it. (Did I tell you he apparently looks just like Daddy?)

I did add a few folks to the blogrolls last night when Moveable Type finally decided to allow such mudane housekeeping. Take a look over there and see what looks new. There's three or four, some slick and commercial looking, some lovingly handcrafted with a few raw edges, all of them good.

Oh, something exciting did happen last night. A hero visited, a good guy who did the right thing and got hurt in a horrific accident while deployed in the sandbox. Then while on the way to finding some healing, this young husband and father was injured again, this time by Soros' Propagandist.

I feel extremely privleged to have had him as a reader, even if only for that one post. It was an honor to find his comment. Take a moment to go see what he had to say. And then say thank you to Sgt. Peter Damon for his service. Often times the greatest heroes are the ones who were just doing their jobs.

Then go visit Homes For Our Troops and do what you can do. They're trying to make homes for our returning men and their families. You'll find lots of information on their programs and needs. I know we're all stretched as tight as can be these days. Just do what you can. If you're like me, it's only a post and a link. If you're a little better off, it's a small donation. Just do something.

And don't forget the Wounded Warrior Project. They're doing exceptionally good work. Get with your office or church group or quilting bee or bridge club or some group of friends, maybe even those Jawja Bloggers, and hit them up for enough to send a backpack so a Wounded Warrior will have one waiting for him or her on arrival at the hospitals in Germany.

Make an effort. Do it because it's the right thing to do. Forget politics and do what your old Great-Aunt Beulah would have been proud of.

Posted by Mamamontezz at August 18, 2004 01:18 PM
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