July 07, 2004

Parties to Allow Bloggers to Cover Conventions for First Time

Both parties will be awarding credentials to bloggers for their respective conventions, which could make for some extremely interesting reading over the next several weeks.

The article doesn't mention how many slots each party will award, but that the chosen few will be treated much like the journalists who cover the event for their outlets.

Wonder who will get the nod? So do I, and I've jotted down a little list of bloggers I'd like to see at the GOP convention.

Matt Margolis, of Blogs for Bush would of course be my first pick. B4B is an impressive site with a huge following and a widespread base of supporters. It would be safe to say he has earned a set of credentials.

Another Matt, of Blackfive, would bring a distinctly different perspective to convention reporting, one that we need to see represented.

Frank J., the reigning Master of IMAO would find endless fodder for his irreverant and stick-in-the-eye blog. Not to mention, it would be great if he could actually be there to see the GOP Ninjas.

Steve, the evil mind behind HogOnIce and MooreIsFat would be my next choice. For lots of reasons. He's perhaps the funniest serious blogger I've encountered. And he just might get Lauri Dhue's phone number out of it.

And to give Steve someone to buddy about with after Lauri rejects his amorous advances, I'd send Aaron the Rantblogger, a known accomplice and school chum. Not to mention an amazing political writer and all around great photoshopper. Imagine the trouble the two of them could instigate.

Too many guys? Well, personally, I think Lashawn Barber balances out most of them and would bring a clear and moral perspective. One of the best reads around, not to mention a woman of strong beliefs and convictions, Lashawn would certainly receive credentials were I the one passing them out.

Of course Glenn Reynolds PuppieBlender will be there. That goes without saying. He most likely already has his reservations booked.

To balance him out, I'd have to send The Commissar. Would that be great? Satire, Hard News, and Wonkette reports.

And no, I'd not give Wonkette credentials. Perhaps a subway pass so she has a reason for loitering in the stations, but not credentials.

How about you? Who would you give credentials to for the GOP convention? Even more fun, which conservative blogger would you sneak into the DNC convention? Misha would top that list, bar none. Put him in a vintage tie-dye and turn him loose.

Think of any more? Sure you have.

Posted by Mamamontezz at July 7, 2004 04:59 AM

Hell, I'd PAY to see Misha at the DNC convention. That would be something to see! lol

Posted by: Elizabeth M. at July 7, 2004 11:09 AM

Actually, I would be very interested in doing that very thing. The only problem is getting up to New York. There is the problem of money and guns being scarce for such an operation.
(Guns and money? remind you of a Warren Zevon song?)

Posted by: doc Russia at July 8, 2004 09:35 PM

poker me up

Posted by: poker me up at December 30, 2004 02:41 PM
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