June 13, 2004

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Enter Michelle Malkin. Beautiful, smart, eloquent, and a tough cookie, too.

I don't know who designed your site, but that's beautiful. Very reader-friendly and it loads nice and quick, always a plus.

Glad to have you among us. Consider yourself linked. And don't listen to Misha. Trust me, I'm absolutely positive he doesn't really think you're a Poopy-head, but it certainly will make for some interesting Google searches.

Just wait until one of his more acrimonious trolls starts that google-bomb at the DU.

Posted by Mamamontezz at June 13, 2004 10:21 AM

Michelle, can hold her own anywhere, if she runs for office she'll get my vote. Ah, Misha, keep on slaughtering those trolls.

Posted by: Jack at June 13, 2004 12:59 PM

Thanks for the tip.

You MM's sure stick together. :)

Posted by: The Commissar at June 13, 2004 06:44 PM

poker me up

Posted by: poker me up at December 30, 2004 02:35 PM
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