June 13, 2004

Caged Rats

I want you to look at the list of Breaking News items found on the AP wire at 8am this morning and see if you are snagged by the same perception:

AP Breaking News:

• 06/13 08:08 am John R.T. Davies, Jazz Record Restorer, Dies at 77

• 06/13 07:08 am Race for President May Define Serbia's Future

• 06/13 06:57 am Second Senior Iraqi Official Assassinated; at Least 12 Killed in Car Bombing in Baghdad

• 06/13 06:25 am Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Assassinated in Capital

• 06/13 06:19 am Missing American Held by Same Militants Who Killed Another American the Day Before

• 06/13 05:56 am Prominent Kurdish Cleric Slain by Gunmen in Northern Oil Center

• 06/13 05:53 am Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Military Camp in Baghdad

• 06/13 05:31 am Europeans Vote in Final Day of Balloting for EU Parliament

You see it? Do you see the pattern?

These are the acts of desperation, the clawing, biting death-throes of a failing movement. These are the beserker charge, the fearful snarls and bared teeth of a cornered curr as the rifle is raised and aim is taken.

There are those who will point at this as an indication of failure on the part of the Coalition, and will claim that it signifies impending doom. These are the same people who state that there are no evil people. They will insist that we honor a culture of death, racism, and religious bigotry because all cultures are inherently good, and then condem our own uniquely blended culture as evil and intolerant.

We cannot do this. We have to be able to look at this and see it for what it is. Every day, you can read the journals and weblogs of those who are there or have recently returned and find more examples of how the millions in Iraq stand with the Coalition against the thousands who would plunge them back into an isolated tyranny.

We as a nation cannot abandon these millions of people because of the screeching of contrarians, safe within their walled enclaves and trust-fund condos, who's words are more about self-promotion than about what is right.

Posted by Mamamontezz at June 13, 2004 08:27 AM

You're right, they behave like a poor coyote I caught once and released, so terrified at what might happen and unable to get away it defecated all over itself. Thats what I see on the left, they can't get any traction on their effort to destroy the president, stop the war on terrorism or shine up that sorry ass their running for president. The media is daily losing credibility, but then again, it's their choice. We still have a modicum of choice and until it gone I'll us that freedom to fight for freedom.

Posted by: Jack at June 13, 2004 01:11 PM

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