May 31, 2004


Okay, I need an opinion. Does this look okay?


I'm trying to work up a cool banner for the Blog Son, and this is the first effort.

Suggestions? I'm open to them.

Posted by Mamamontezz at May 31, 2004 04:05 PM

I like it, the scene fits the sites name and it will surely PO the left wing loonies and the anti-gun crowd. I'd probably add "Better at your feet than at your throat"
Keep up your good work.

Posted by: Jack at May 31, 2004 10:49 PM

The font fits it really well and the drop shadow is great. Nice work!

Posted by: Techievampire at June 1, 2004 08:36 AM

poker me up

Posted by: poker me up at December 30, 2004 02:30 PM
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