September 28, 2008

Oh, Lovely!

After months of absence, the serial killer with the most delicious intellect and a truly cane-able derrier returns to television tonight to both delight and confound us.

Dexter, on Showtime if you have cable or satellite, is disturbing and compelling at the same time. A serial killer driven by a seriously twisted sense of social ethics, and schooled by his policeman adoptive father out of frustation with the system and a duty to protect his damaged son, Dexter rids Miami of those human predators who manage to slip through the cracks. He achieves this all while maintaining an appearance of relative normalcy, working in the forensics department for the police, dating a widowed mother of two, and supporting his detective sister. Such a busy life!

Last year the cast included Keith Carridine as an FBI agent assigned to catch whomever was killing the skag and slag of Miami. This year yet another recognized dramatic actor will join the cast as a counterpoint to Dexter and to whom Dex will find himself "finds himself inexorably drawn". Well, around my household, it has been long thought that Dex was denying a big part of his sexuality, so this might make the season even more interesting.

Want a peek? Well, please, avail yourself.

So I'm certain you know exactly where I will be tonight, dog in my lap, boy at my feet, hand in the popcorn bowl.

Life is good.

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