September 13, 2008

One must be careful of for what one wishes.

Yes, in spite of a prolonged absence from Munu and the blogosphere I have made the decision to make an attempt at maintaining some manner of blog if for no other reason then to open a few minds, a few hearts, and most certainly a few eyes.

It may be a sporadic thing at first, as at the moment the plate is pretty full. Work, setting up photo shoots, manipulating the negatives, submitting to shows, all of this in addition to maintaining a household, growing as a Mistress, developing and promoting an on-line/real time local BDSM group, and living with one foot in the Lifestyle while maintaining one foot in 'Nilla-land can be a daunting and exhausting task. There will be times, however, when a moment here and there will present themselves, kneel at my feet and beg to be used. It is my intent to wrest those moments into position and beat a post out of them.

I hope I manage to succeed.

Oh, and by the way, if you would like to see the product of my efforts, you most certainly may.

I took each of the photos in that gallery with a Yashica medium format film camera at least as old as I am. I use Kodak T-Max 400asa 120 film, which my submissive and model, pleasure, develops for me. Each negative is scanned on an epson photo scanner into my drive where I clean and crop using Corel. These are the finished results.

I hope you enjoyed them.

Mistress Lila
aka, Mamamontezz

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