November 06, 2007

Don't Eat That!!!

It's about f*cking time! And what has it taken to get this?

How many dead or injured people? How many grieving families? How many ruined lives?

Now we can only hope they use this new power both expeditiously AND judiciously.

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November 05, 2007

And do I have your attention now?

*cross posted from the Spousal Unit's site*

The power was turned of by accident. IPL was instructed only to remove my name from the account and to keep the power on for you so that you and Beth could go back to your house. I will make sure that the refrigerator is emptied of all of the ruined food.

I have taken and am taking only those things that I brought into your house, or that I purchased alone, or that were purchased for me by my parents. Because of schedules and a lack of help, there are still a great many things that I need to remove. I would appreciate not being impeded as I do so. If I find that I have inadvertently taken something of yours, I will return it to you.

As far as appliances go, I am leaving the stove which will require an igniter for the right hand side, the refrigerator, and the washer/dryer set that my parents gave me when I bought our old house. If you do not plan on keeping the house, or are allowing it to be foreclosed on by the bank, I will come and remove them. They are there to make Anna's life easier, not enhance the pockets of Chase Manhattan.

I apologize for not leaving your house sooner. You made it abundantly clear that I was no longer welcome or wanted on the day you took Erin with you to the bank while I was at work, and made her the co-endorser on the checking account with your retroactive social security disability pay.

It was with that singular act that you announced that you no longer considered me your wife or our marriage viable. As such, I have made other arrangements and have vacated the house in which I was no longer welcome. I did not want to wait there for the day I was literally asked to leave, living on borrowed time in a house I helped pay for.

You remain covered on my health insurance. Regardless of how you feel about this situation right now, of how you squandered a marriage, your health, and your savings, I will not abandon you with no health care. I will not, however, be responsible for your co-payments or additional charges. Nor will I change Anna's coverage in anyway. I have, however, taken steps to ensure that no one but you or I have any input in her healthcare, and I expect this to be respected.

I wish you and Beth well. I hope you find happiness with her. Obviously you did not with me.


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