June 28, 2006

Telephone Attacks Against Mil-Spouses

It makes a person wonder how many wives and mothers here have received these same calls.

I remember at the onset of the war that there were instances of domestic nutjobs and knuckleheads representing themselves as members of the Red Cross and other organizations who called many a GI's wife with such "news" but that these calls seemed to have abated after a few months.

Insidious and evil as those calls were, I cannot imagine the anguish that would stem from this newest round of telephone assaults, for that is what they most certainly are. They are vile and evil attacks by cowardly sacks of bullshit who don't have the requisite intestinal fortitude it takes to pick up an AK or strap on a homicide vest and take on trained, battle hardened military personnel. Instead of actually doing something that might actually result in more than a hangnail in their battle against we infidels, they choose make obscene telephone attacks on women.

I have serious doubts that the combined testicular matter of no less than a dozen of them would make a decent pair of cat balls. The women they're harassing have more than they do. The only thing that makes these donwanabe martyrs brave is their mistaken notion that they cannot be found.


It's called "Triangulation." It's not that difficult. And all it takes is one misbegotten phone call to the wrong wife's phone to start up the simple, elegant, and effective process that will literally bring "hellfire" down on their sorry, fleabitten, chickenshit asses.

Now, that's one video I want to watch on GrouchyMedia.

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