April 20, 2006

"WTF" for Thursday

Can we just pretend we're attacking and watch the fireworks? Please? Pretty please?

No wonder she's so popular overseas. If they piss her off, she'll crack their heads like walnuts.

When did National Geographic become a pawn of the filthy, capitolist privateers bent on global ecological destruction?

Can you imagine the looks on the faces across the Rio Grande when those trucks from Home Depot and Lowes and Menard stores all over the country start showing up and dropping off fencing on the Minuteman side of the river. Hell, I'll sent a box of nails.

I thought I smelled smoke... Like from a burning dump. Aren't there EPA rules about that?

Dunk tank, wet t-shirt, or the stocks? Hopefully no one outs themselves and then has to claim they were the object of a leak.

If she had been on that plane instead of Reid, it may have actually been brought down.

And the EU wonders why they have the trade deficit they do.

Looks like the Supremes just might put an end to the lunacy.

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