June 20, 2005


Jack, my regular commenter, my blog-brother at Conservative Insurgent, my friend, sent me a link the other day that so enraged me that I could not even post on it until I had calmed down. The email arrived early Saturday. It is now almost 2am on Sunday. Do the math.

The email was as follows:

Lila, I know just what a hot button child abuse is with you, I have posted about another pediphile caught in Washington and extradited to San Jose, Calif. Here is an animal, no "Sub Human Scum animals don't do this", that doesn't even warrant exposure in the MSM. Like I stated on my post maybe California just wants to release him there, where he is better protected. Or. Maybe he's going to work the day shift at Neverland. Jack
Well, unsuspecting me (yeah, right bullshit on the unsuspecting part) clicked that link and experienced what Kim du Toit commonly calls an "RCOB Moment" that turned into a day of outrage. Let me just quote you a part of the article.
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Chilling, handwritten lists of more than 36,000 suspected sex acts with boys has led investigators to what may be the most extensive case of child molestation in U.S. history.

The lists, written in loopy cursive on 1,360 pages in seven multicolored, spiral-bound notebooks, have names and apparent codes for various sex acts, according to San Jose police. They were found last month in the San Jose home of convicted child molester Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, 63, who is now in jail on felony molestation charges involving two local 12-year-old boys.

"If any of these numbers are even close to accurate, then it is one of the most significant child molestation finds that we have ever encountered," said San Jose Police Lt. Scott Cornfield, who called the case "horrendous."

This monster victimized hundreds of young boys, potentially thousands, many after a 1978 conviction. He has remained free, in the community, unreported under sex offender registration laws, and preying on children all of this time. A repeat offender, he is wanted in several jurisdictions. His room mate is also a child molester. He had a huge server in his house and they have no idea what is on it.

And I guarentee you he's in protective lockup. My question is why? Why not just turn him loose in the general population and have done to him what he did to Real Innocents? Let Buster and Leroy share him as their bitchboy until trial. Let it be so bad that sack of excrement needs a Depends™ to keep from soiling the nice suit his lawyer will get him for trial. Let it be so unrelenting that when he passes gas no sound announces it.

Eye for an eye? No, generally I'm not that way. But this cowardly user of children deserves whatever "Hard Time" comes his way, regardless of his eventual verdict in court.

Think about it. 36,000 documented sex acts with children in his own handwriting. That's over twice the population of my dad's home town up in Maine. That's more acts than there are seats at Conseco Fieldhouse here in Indianapolis. If you had sex once every day, it would take you almost 100 yrs to reach that number. 36,000 documented sex acts. With Children.

There's a lawyer, probably in the pocket of NAMBLA, who is chomping at the bit to take that case. There are stupid people on the voter rolls who will get their jury duty cards in the mail for that case who will think nothing of letting this pustule back into an unsuspecting neighborhood. There's a judge who will disallow vital evidence over some technicality or perception of Civil Liberties.

And in the meantime, the police have no way of even knowing who all of these children are, because this monster only tracked first names. Where is the justice for these children? He's been tracking his evil for over 30 yrs, and he likes them young. These kids are now potentially in their 40's, if they're even still alive.

I sincerely hope that some of them, regardless of the pain that must be involved, come forward and bring forth their experiences to help take this animal off the streets forever.

And this, my friends, is why the Death Penalty should apply to more than Murder. Because deep down, in your hearts and in the back of your mind you know that what this thing did was commit murder, the murder of innocence, each time he exploited a child. He deserves nothing less than the gurney and the needle. Nothing less.

Posted by Mamamontezz at June 20, 2005 02:06 AM

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Posted by: female dog sex at June 20, 2005 10:27 AM

Thanks Mama, you have done this justice, the real slime is our justice system where parking tickets warrant prosecution over pediphiles.

Posted by: Jack at June 20, 2005 11:46 AM

To Quote BC,
Rope Tree ,Some assembly Required,This shit is beyond the Fooking Pale.We do, need the death penalty, because of bastards ,like this waste of air.Its shit like this that gets my blood pressure up.
That man is pure evil ,into population with him he needs to be a prision bitch the rest of his stinking life.

Posted by: NeilV at June 20, 2005 12:53 PM

Whoa! - Maybe this guy is a pedophile, but the numbers give me a compute check. I don't think it's "doable" with those numbers. Assuming 50 years of activity and the freedom to do it.. That's 2 times a day. Never sick, never worked, etc. etc. Hang the dude upon conviction, but I really doubt the numbers I see posted. Once is enough!

Posted by: JimBob at June 22, 2005 08:23 AM
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