June 01, 2005

Lance Cpl Ryan Autery

Yes, I realize it's summer vacation and the kids are out of school and running wild in the neighborhood. The days keep getting warmer, the nights keep getting shorter, and your budget is as strapped as it ever was. Mine too, trust me. But it's time again for a little nudge from The Blog Mama to open your wallets and do something good with that extra dollar or two that you were only going to blow on a pack of cigarettes anyway.

I have not kept up with Lance Cpl. Ryan Autery for the past few months. Other things kept popping up. But today I decided to do a Google and see how this young man was doing. I am deeply concerned at what I found.

According to the Daily News Journal article writen May 29, Lance Cpl. Autery has been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, the combat equivalent of shaken baby syndrome. For nine months of treatement for his orthopedic injuries, no doctor diagnosed this. Now, at this late time, they have an explanation as to why he cannot remember conversations or events, even recent ones.

To his parents, I cannot imagine the frustration and anger you must have felt when a diagnosis was finally made. But now you know. That has to be better than always wondering.

To all of you, this new development cannot be a good one for the Autery finances. Forego one pack of cigarettes, one popcorn at the movies, one video rental and do what you can. A hundred $1 checks will do as much as two larger ones. It all spends, it all pays bills, it all helps.

I hope this information is still current. If not, they will surely forward any donations approprately. Make checks to ''Ryan A. Autery Medical Transition Fund'' and send donations to: Bank of America, Nissan Banking Center, Attn: Mark Combs, P. O. Box 2206 Smyrna, Tenn. 37167. Please include Combs' name in the address.

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