May 23, 2005

Yes, I'm Still Thanking You.

I wanted to again thank all of the people who came to the rescue of this underserving and appreciative woman and her family.

The truck runs a little better with each day as it works out the kinks acquired while parked in the Back Yard Automotive Rest Home. For a couple of days, the clutch was uncooperative, and Delfts was certain that it was going out. I assured him it wasn't, that it was just some spring in the linkage somewhere that was openly rebelling against having to work again after a prolonged vacation. And sure enough, yesterday the shifting smoothed out and all is well.

So, here's an accounting of the expenses so far:

$200.00 complete break assemblies
40.00 New tire
20.00 Fuel Pump
10.00 Various fluids
20.00 Gasoline
5.00 Topping of the oil
15.00 Coolant (because it came 2per box)
$310.00 Total to date

I have also ordered new bumper brackets for the front, as well as a new rear light lens from an ebay store. I hope to have a solid bumper on the front end soon.

Now, to the ever so kind TripleNeckSteel: I want you to know that we didn't exactly have the Spaghetti and Chianti dinner you so graciously provided for. What we did have was a wonderful sampling of the new appetizers at the Vietnamese restaurant in our neighborhood. We love going to eat at Saigon Restaurant on Lafayette Road in Indianapolis, but hadn't eaten there in months. I really believe the waiter/owner was as excited to see us back as we were to be there. It's one of those little, homey, family restaurants where they smile when you walk in, remember your names, and ask if you'd like your favorite or try this new item they just put on the menu.

Just so you all know, all of you kind souls, there is still a considerable amount left. I plan on leaving it right where it is, since with an old truck you just never know what might happen. It is good to have a cushion. I hope that Delfts finds the titles to the Tempo and the Chrysler so we can call and have them towed this week.

As they set, we might get a couple of hundred dollars out of them total. We have taken pretty detailed pictures of them in case the other driver or car is ever found and the claim can progress. I'm not counting on that ever happening, but you just never know. Anyway, when we do sell the heaps, my plan is to tuck that money away as well. It's hard to spend in Paypal, making it much safer there than in my wallet or bank account.

You do not know how hard it is to have access to what is left and not go batty fixing that old truck. But I have to be intelligent about this and not do anything stupid. I owe that to all of you.

Posted by Mamamontezz at May 23, 2005 05:05 PM

I'm glad things are working out for y'all...I just can't get over the fact that if it hadn't been for those cars being parked there in the first place...the VRWC Blogosphere might have been mourning more than the loss of three vehicles.

Hang in there, hon--we're sending you hugs and prayers here. Keep us updated!



Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at May 23, 2005 07:53 PM

I am glad that you received some donations!! I am still keeping my promise that any money I receive will go directly to you. I have never had a single donation on my website, even after telling of your situation. BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE!!

I would give anything to donate some money to you, but right now, I just don't have it. It saddens my heart to know that I couldn't do more...but I am so happy that your needs are being met.

I am still keeping you in my prayers...

Posted by: Dana at May 23, 2005 11:48 PM

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