February 02, 2005

Nothing To See Here Folks...Move Along

So the U.N. has released a report stating that there was no genocide in the Sudan...

Yeah...when bandits and militiamen, known as janjaweed, are systematically hunting down three different tribes in a massive land grab--at the behest of the Sudanese government--- it's not genocide...it's just a litte farmer's squabble.

This is disturbing. I know it's easy to poke fun and spew at the U.N., but this isn't the first time they've ignored slaughter on a mass scale.

In 1994 Koffee Anus and his U.N. cronies ignored reports that a tribe known as the Hutus were planning an attack on another tribe, the Tutsis. the result was a three month killing spree of over 800,000 people.

I met a Tutsis man and his wife a couple of years back. I was leaving a bookstore when I saw a vehicle pulling up...the license plate simply said "Tutsis."

I approached the man and asked him if he wouldn't mind answering a few questions about Rawanda. I didn't have to ask...he said it was all true. His wife showed me what was left of her left hand--her thumb, index, and middle finger. I also noticed sever burn marks on her face, but knew better than to inquire.

The man unbuttoned his collar and showed me where a Hutu had tried to slit his throat. The man told me he only survived because he thought that since he was going to die, it was better to fight like a man, than die like a dog.

He and his wife escaped Rawanda via some missionaries. He is now a college student studying politcal science and criminal justice. She has a degree in Business Administration and is putting her husband through college.

I thanked the man for his time and apologized if I brought up any bad memories. He happily shook my hand and reassured me that he would NEVER forget what happened in Rawanda and he hoped that Americans would learn about and never forget either.

I pray that the situation in the Sudan doesn't go the direction Rawanda did...but it looks to be so...

But of course, the U.N. is the only moral governing body in the world, so we should take their word for it...

But I guess the slaughter of Africans, Christians, and Jews aren't a big priority for the moral authorities....


Posted by Darth Monkeybone at February 2, 2005 09:18 AM
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