December 27, 2004

Whew... *sigh*

Well, Christmas weekend is finally over and I was treated to a day off. I slept in a bit, blogged nekid, built a new blog for someone (don't ask, don't tell), got a snarky comment from law enforcement. All in all it's been a quiet day.

The progeny is with my parentals, spending some time with the elderly mall-walker set. Her cousin is down from Hartford City for a few days, so the rising, pre-pubescent hormones must be driving them and my poor mother nuts. For the most part, my dad is pretty oblivious. He just turns down the hearing aids and turns up the television and all is right with the world.

Spousal Unit finally turned in his Social Security Disability paperwork, so in about 120 days we will get our first refusal. Then it's a call to the contingency lawyer and we start all over again. I'm hopeful that the bypass, the adult onset diabetes, and the mini-stroke in his optic nerve will get it for him on the first try, but I'm not getting too optimistic. I know how this works, so there are no delusions.

Mortgage payment made in full today, too. Officially caught up! Do I hear an "Amen"? As soon as the January payment is made, I hope to be able to do an automatic deduction every two weeks of half a payment, so that we end up making an extra payment each year. It will also take a great deal of stress off the budget to be able to make two half-payments a month instead of losing an entire paycheck to it in one fell swoop. I can use any little help I can get at this point, and that would be a tremendous one.

The novel is trundling right along. I would like to start chapter 3 tonight or tomorrow. With the growing awareness of blogging and bloggers, I hope to actually get this published. We'll see. Hell, if J.K.Rowling can write on napkins at a sidewalk coffee shop and end up with Harry Potter, why can't our merry little team of bloggers do the same with this? I just hope that no one included in the book decides they don't want to be included. It's all a homage to our friends, and I hope it is seen as such. In the meantime, Doggerel, inject something or I'll be off on another tangent quick.

Well, I'm going to finish this post and my cigarette and head to the parentals' to save them from Progeny. I'll see some of you in chat later this evening, and the rest of you in my comments. Have a good evening. Stay warm. Pray for the folks who need it, whether they realize it or not.

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