November 22, 2004

Torture Rooms Found

A Marine makes a split second life and death decision; it's caught on tape by an embedded camera man/reporter;It's FRONT PAGE news for days...

Now in the course of liberating Fallujah, our men have found evidence of Torture Rooms in at least 20 locations.

What amount of coverage is there in the MSM? It is an AP report, so they certainly have seen it, yet the only place that has put it out as of yet is Yahoo Online News....

Just the fact that Coallition forces took control of Fallujah at a 21.4 to 1 casaulty rate is a story in and of itself; conventional wisdom has always predicted that in an urban warfare scenerio, the attacking force would sustain at least a 25 to 30% casaulty rate. Yet all we would garner from listening to the MSM is that we are in a deep quagmire, where the insurgents Islamofacists are striking at will and decimating the Marines, indeed, WE have no control of anything at all in Iraq, according to the MSM reporting.

"Journalists quick to judge the Marine are more forgiving when it comes to the terrorists. "They're not bad guys, especially, just people who disagree with us," said MSNBC's Chris Matthews."

Who could take anything that Chris Matthews says seriously ever again?

STILL think the MSM DOESN'T have an anti-American bias?


Posted by Delftsman3 at November 22, 2004 03:48 PM

The MSM's actions border on treasonous, they are blocked at my house as CBS has been for years. Like president Bush said after 9-11-01 you're either with us or against us, the media has made a strong case of their being against us. It would come as no surprise to learn that Bin Ladin was holed up with Andy Rooney or Dan Rather.

Posted by: Jack at November 22, 2004 04:28 PM

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