November 18, 2004

Media Bias Redux

Tell me something....The Left claims that the MSM isn't biased, or if it is, it's got a conservative slant. Every study I've seen refutes this view, but in any discussion of the subject, this is the view that is blared the loudest by the far Left.

Now we have another example of just how biased the MSM really is. We have had story after story about a Marine supposedly executing an unarmed, possibly already wounded, Iraqi during a sweep of a building which insurgents Islamofacists had been using as a base from which to attack our troops. No background of the circumstances are given, just that one of OUR Marines was to be considered as having committed a war crime.

Now that the clean-up phase of the operation in Fallujah is in it's early stages; what activities that the Islamofacists were engaging in during their hold of the city are starting to come to light....the only problem being that that the MSM isn't shining, or even reflecting, that light.

Read that link and ask yourself WHY THE HELL isn't this in any headline or lead story in a newscast?

Oh, I forgot, they are too busy trying to crucify one of our own as a figure as bad in behaviour as Ghenghis Khan to even try to report on what the animals masquarading as human beings are doing (after all, it would be hard to continue to equate them to our revolutionary war soldiers if these activities came to light, wouldn't it?)

They blather that OUR Marine was in contravention of the Geneva Convention, disregarding the fact that the enemy in this isn't subject to the Convention. (and of course they NEVER explain that only regular troops of a government entity who is a signatory to the Comvention are covered by that Convention) The majority of the populace, having not been educated because of their indoctrination in the Government Day Care Centers (where, these days, the emphasis seems to be on self-esteem and obiesiance to The (non)Education System) is not conversant with the "rules of war" (talk about a oxymoron!) In truth, these so called rules are a very recent artifact, and have never been followed in much more than lip service except by the "Civilised" Western world anyway.

The fact remains that what we are told by the MSM about the situation in Iraq doesn't jive with what we are told by people on the ground there through the alternative media (mainly internet), both by our troops and the Iraqis themselves.

It really is becoming more and more obvious that most of the MSM seems to be moving to the beat of Left wing idiological drums of blaming America for any evil in the world.


Posted by Delftsman3 at November 18, 2004 02:12 PM

Excellent Post Delfts.
These folks castgating that Marine are part of the enemy.
Frigging fifth columist types.The poor lady who got shot had helped Iraq for thirty years and no says shit about the Islamist bastards who did that ,
No comparison

Posted by: LC NeilV at November 18, 2004 06:07 PM

Great post, the MSM will only show and tell what puts the United States in a bad light to the rest of the world, they are our own Al-Jazeera networks. I'm biased since I lost all respect for the lying traitorous bastards 36 years ago, when the enemy used bulhorns to taunt us about ongoing military manuevers that were leaked by the press hours earlier.

Posted by: Jack at November 18, 2004 08:48 PM
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