October 28, 2004


Kim du Toit has a post up on the reasons/possibilities for a revolution in this country.

I agree with him that it all depends on the "tripwires" that we as a people have about determining when the government has become tyranical, and it has reached the point where people will decide that their freedoms have been sufficiently abrogated for them to rise up and reclaim them in either a political uprising; or if too stoutly resisted, armed insurrection.

I feel that we may be nearing that point soon...The Left has already begun on both fronts...firing weapons on Republican election headquarters, stuffing voter rolls with illegals/felons/dead people,using Union thugs to intimidate the free expression of politcal views.

It's not an organised effort, or the revolution would be here, but when the hot headed on both sides are at that point, how far behind can the general populace be from a general uprising? All it would take is for the incidents to be of a sufficient seriousness/obviousness to make people risk a comfortable status-quo in favor of defending their individual freedoms for a general uprising to occur.

The first Civil War did not flash into being; it took a slow progression of grievences to build up to the point where a large segment of the people say "enough, and no more" and rose up to try to defend their way of life.

Slavery is touted as the cause, but no one who studies history can believe that it was anything more than a focal point to legitimize the true cause; the struggle between Federalism and States rights.

The problem is that Slavery was an abhorrent enough institution to fight against, when, for the rest, the side supporting it was otherwise correct in their resistance to an ever encroaching Federal abrogation of power.

The Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize our government as it is now as anything akin to what they envisioned, and would probably be calling for the "refreshment of the roots of the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants".

I sincerely hope that the revolution can be done politicaly, and not through armed revolt, but those in power never give that power up easily. The fact remains that we do need a revolution to return to our original ideas of a limited Federal government in place only to protect the freedoms of the individual citizen.

I don't know if the people of today have the intestinal fortitude to take true freedom back into their hands, with all the self responsibility that that entails; too many of us are all too willing to give up some of that freedom for the security of the nanny state. Freedom entails taking risks of personal failure, without a net other than the largess of their fellow citizens to help through the low spots. Right now, that largess is enforced by government, with government holding that largess as the stick to compliance with it's policies. That isn't freedom. That is being a ward of the state.

I am NOT espousing armed revolution...I espouse hoping that the people take back what is their birthright under the Constitution, the freedom to live without of an overreaching government seeking to control all aspects of their lives.

"For your own good" is the most insidious phrase in our political lexicon, and from which enslavement to the state invariably follows. We must all subjegate our personal freedom to some extent to provide for an ordered society, otherwise there is anarchy, but we must always guard those freedoms to the greatest extent possible lest we give away too much and become merely subjects of the state and not free participants in a mutually benificial society.

Posted by Delftsman3 at October 28, 2004 03:10 PM

Great post, I'm afraid that the only way to get back to what this country was founded on is through armed revolution. This is why the left is so adamant to disarm the citizen and why we must safeguard the bill of rights.

Posted by: Jack at October 28, 2004 08:03 PM
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