August 29, 2004

Convention Blogging?

Yes, the Democrats had a few bloggers sitting in the nose-bleed seats, a narrow shelf on which to place their laptops. They invited some, dis-invited others, and then sat back and watched the dog-and-pony show that emerged so that they could later, in retrospect, point at their gallant effort to include "The Little Guy" as a dismal failure.

Oh, they didn't point and say that? Well, perhaps they didn't have to, since the media did it for them.

And now it's time for the GOP to fire up the party faithful, and they, too, have invited a group of bloggers to blog in real time about what they're seeing. But will the media again cry out "Dismal Failure" as they point to the area where these men will be sitting, lit by the glow of their displays? Probably not, since they seem to have joined them in this experiment in Bloggery.

Well, speaking as one who has spoken at length over the last year or so with one of the chosen, and as one who appreciates the effort that goes into being a blogger with the kind of audience he has on a daily basis at both his personal site and at his campaign site, I can only imagine how exciting this has to be.

Matt, knock'em dead for us. I only wish I could be there to watch. I have no grand delusions about the level or quality of my blogging, but I'll have to admit that being there as a mere observer would be a great few days.

And you know what? You wanted questions you could ask of conventioneers? Well I just thought of one. Ask each of the "journalists" who comes up there to gape at you guys what their URL is. I'd be interested to know just how many of them has decided to set up temporary blogs just to prove that any monkey with a laptop can do this. To do a comparison between these well trained and impartial Journalists and you and your fellow bloggers would be interesting to say the very least.

See you in chat, if you have the opportunity.

Posted by Mamamontezz at August 29, 2004 01:26 PM

Thanks Mama, here's as complete a list of RNC bloggers that I could find. I know Matt will keep the press's feet to the fire. It's doubtful that the medias love fest that was displayed at the DNC will be extended to the RNC so it will be up to these folks to inform us truthfully.

David Adesnik (OxBlog)
Bill Ardolino (INDC Journal)
Kevin Aylward (WizBang)
Tom Bevan (Real Clear Politics)
Ben Domenech (
Hugh Hewitt (
John Hinderaker (PowerLine)
Matt Margolis (
Edward Morrissey (
Alan Nelson (The Command Post)
Brian Reich (Campaign Web Review)
Scott Sala (Slant Point)
Karol Sheinin (Spot On)
Roger L. Simon (Roger L. Simon)
Josh Trevino (Tacitus)

Posted by: Jack at August 29, 2004 02:25 PM
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