August 17, 2004

No, not a tease...

I have never been what most men call a "tease." Earthy? Yes. Adventurous? Yes again. But never a tease.

I have always enjoyed the give and take of a good conversation with a man. I like it when I can surprise one with a quick double entendre or a sly verbal or written "wink-wink" that he doesn't catch until a few moments later and it makes him laugh a good honest laugh. And it's even more fun when he can catch me with a little wordplay that brings up my laughter. I've been told my laugh makes it all worthwhile. It's been described to me as a ringing laugh, like a little bell. I don't know how it sounds to a man, but it seems to be pleasant enough to some men that they will do amazingly silly or sweet things to hear it.

I enjoy watching how a little honesty on my part will open a man up, peeling away the distant toughness to reveal a smooth eagerness underneath. I love it when you tell a man how much you appreciate some aspect of him and you can see his confidence build and his demeanor strengthen. But not flattery, not empty compliments thin as tissues. Facts, truths, things I have observed or experienced and appreciated as beauties, strengths, desirables in them: these are the things I tell a man, not little lies and flatteries.

No, it's not a game. It's not a tease like some women relish and instigate to gain some sort of control over a man or a situation. That's dishonest and I have no time for women like that. I watch women like that and I call B*ll Sh*t every time. It hurts to watch while they shackle the little boy that lives at the center of all of those layers in most men, imprisoning him for their own selfishness, leaving wounds that never heal, scars that never fade.

And the point to this post? Well, it's a thank you to someone for engaging me today and making this old broad feel like a pretty young woman for a while. He made me feel like a walking scandal. That and I wanted to let him know that all those little things revealed are little truths. I like all of those little details, all of those means and methods and ways, and then some. But that's for e-mail, isn't it? I quite simply love an invigoriating e-mail from a fascinating man.

Just remember, a moment or a word of flirtation isn't necessarily a tease. Sometimes a good flirtation is just a sneak peek down a person's backroad. At least this old girl can dream about taking that hilly, narrow blacktop with the yellow pines on one side and the rolling fields on the other.

Posted by Mamamontezz at August 17, 2004 06:35 PM
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