July 27, 2004

Yeah, it was leaked, alright.

Yes, we've all seen the photos of the man who would be president, Kerry clad in a green clean-suit, crawling from the depths of a tube, huge SEG on his face. We've seen the way he hammed it up for the camera, fully aware of it's presence, and probably familiar with the cameraman.

We've seen them all day. And they're a hoot. Hell, my 76 yr old Dad told me "you should put on that blog thing you do that he looks like he's trying to crawl out of the tight end of a used condom." (He's right, if you think about it.)

What else has he been compared to? Hmmm...

The newest Teletubbie.

A green sperm, a la Woody Allen.

An Oompah Loompah.

And now the leavings of sex trying to escape it's latex prison. Thanks, Dad. Great visual.

Well, it's all so embarassing to the DNC and the Kerry handlers that they've worked themselves into a right proper frenzy of Self Defense and Accusation. Cries of "They Were Leaked!" and "These were never intended for release" fill the airwaves and will doubtless also fill the column inches above the fold tomorrow.

Please, spare us. We know they were leaked. We knew that from the moment they hit Yahoo and the AP wire, Drudge Report and the local news. Of course they were leaked.

You can claim it was NASA. And they may have been the ones to send them initially. But I doubt for one moment that this collection of humorous photography was leaked without the implicit approval of, and was quite likely at the direction of some operative of the DNC or a sympathetic splinter group.

Leaked photographs never intended for release? Spare me.

Posted by Mamamontezz at July 27, 2004 07:31 PM

Oh, don't you know? It's the right wing attack machine. Yep, everything is their fault. Uh huh.


Meanwhile, teresa's giving speeches about how her hubby will stop global warming and that under his regime no American will go to war for foreign oil.

[she can't be that stupid, right?]

Posted by: pam at July 27, 2004 07:56 PM

Your Dad's right, bless him. Never intended for release -Bull!, the man lives for photo ops. If he is an embarrassment to the Dems he only one of many, the very state the convention is in holds many of them. I'm afraid it's the same old shell game of hide the phoney and blame Bush for their inadequacies, it doesn't take long for the play nice theme to dissolve.

Posted by: Jack at July 27, 2004 09:38 PM

poker me up

Posted by: poker me up at December 30, 2004 02:44 PM
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