July 18, 2004

Just be careful.

A terrorist alert from World Net Daily,

July 16, 2004

Muslims warned: Avoid 'Christian' companies

An al-Qaida-affiliated Internet site is cautioning Muslims to avoid being near planned targets of the terrorist group, reports Geostrategy-Direct, the global intelligence news service.

The Al-Battar Camp online magazine, stated in a June 29 posting that the measure was for Muslims' safety.

By providing the warning, the group is revealing its plans for attacks against "Christian companies, airlines and oil companies," according to a translation of the report.

The report, "A Warning to Muslims With Regard to Getting Close to Infidels and Oppressors," was written by Sheikh Amir Ibn-Abdullah al-Amir.

It advises Muslims, "If you are working with our infidel enemies, beware. Leave their quarters to save your religion, first, as well as for your own safety, should the mujahadeen target these infidel companies that hold enmity toward the Muslims and play a role in the war against Muslim nations. Beware of being with these infidels in this situation, lest you become afflicted by what will befall them. Al-Qaida has already warned and explained that it will be targeting these
companies, especially the airlines, the oil companies and others run by the Christians."

U.S. intelligence officials said last week that terrorists are targeting transportation systems, including trains, ships and airlines as part of preparations for a major attack.

Likely methods include truck bombs or hijacked airliners.

We're going to be seeing a lot more of these over the next several weeks, and may actually witness an attempt during the conventions. All we can do is be as vigilant as possible and report what is unusual or out of place. Don't be like those people who set themselves to be victims by not looking around on their way to the car, or stand and dawdle in secluded places with their heads in their purses or newspapers.

We owe it to our personal safety, as well as the safety of our families, neighborhoods, towns, and country to keep our heads out of our asses and our eyes open. We can depend on no one but ourselves.

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