July 17, 2004


This has been fascinating to watch from the perspective of another blogger. I suggest that you go to Michelle Malkin's blog and scroll down to July 15th posts and start reading back to the top. Of particular interest is the way the Terror in the Skies story has evolved over the course of the last two days.

It is an excellent example of the differences between responsible bloggers and irresponsible ones. I've seen plenty of new bloggers and even some battle scared old veteran bloggers who would have jumped on this in an entirely irrational manner. You won't see that here. Every post is well supported, thoughtful, and intelligent. Overall, you would never know she had been blogging for such a short time.

And don't say that her being a columnist and in the public eye for a long time is what made the difference. I will only counter with Rabid Rall as the prime example of contrary.

If you're not reading her at least once a week you're cheating yourself, people.

Posted by Mamamontezz at July 17, 2004 01:33 PM

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