July 03, 2004

Jack's Links!

I just love it when Jack sends me links! They're always good ones. Read, people, read.

Seems we always have to watch our backs.

Mild Justice: (Not enough for this obstructionist)
Activist serving six-month sentence says she was `railroaded'. Apparently she wasn't prepared to pay the price of her exercise in Democracy. If the founding fathers and mothers had this woman's whiny, poor-me attitude, we'd all be driving on the wrong side of the road and eating food boiled into submission.

Sorry, Elena Sassower. You've made your bed, now lay in it. Even an activist such as yourself has to have the common sense to know when enough is enough and to pick your battles. Obviously this is intended as a learning experience for you and I hope you avail yourself of it.

Government Tyranny at work: (My states attorney general)
Washington's public records law under assault
Independent public records advocate needed

E-mail is not private, says US court. (Big brother unleashes the wolves)

Sorry, anyone who thought that e-correspondence was confidential was naive at best.

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