May 25, 2004

Reaction to the Reaction

I admit, I slept through all but the first few moments of the president's speech last night and remained asleep until Bill O'Reilly's show started. That man, in tandem with Dick Morris, are better than the obnoxious fog-cutting screech produced by my alarm clock each morning.

I rubbed my eyes, copped a huge yawn, and settled in to listen to what the odd couple had to say.

Apparently, Dick Morris is of the opinion (opinions? Dick has Opinions?) that the president didn't feminize his speech enough. He didn't make it emotional enough, or appeal to the Mommy-Nurture-Security nature of the female psyche. He stated that We (women) needed to be shown with specific examples how we and our comfy nests complete with tender young were being protected from the boogieman Bin Ladin.

Excuse me? Dick? That may have been the case with politically innocent, ill-informed, fresh out of highschool wives 40 years ago. This is no longer the case by a long shot.

I don't need my hand patted while comforting "there-there's" are coo-ed at me to prevent my developing a case of the vapors while my diminutive mind tries desparately to decipher the rich and masculine code which is Politics. To insinuate such is an insult to me and to the strong, intelligent, and very savy woman who gave me life and the ability to understand political rhetoric from all sides of an issue.

This stereotype is as offensive as it is widespread, much at the hand of hardcore feminists who began by discounting stay-at-home moms, and have moved on to demonize women who embrace political ideas and ideals counter to their enlightened, tolerent, progressive, and Asolutely Correct politics.

I get it. I get it and I don't need politicians and their handlers and the pundits and their handlers to resort to the "Awwwww" factor of using fuzzy bunnies in green meadows and sweet naked babies with daisies in their hair in order to get it.

It is not going to hurt my brain to use the logic necessary to see beyond the chaos of Nazi WerewolvesIslamist terrorists committing random acts against the coalition and civilian contractors, and on to the bigger picture of what is happening in the country overall. I'm not going to burst a vessel listening to the generals discuss the actions happening on the ground in Najaf or Falujah or Tikrit, or any other of those shit-holes. I may, however, the next time one of you "analysts" tries to talk down to me and explain it all in soft, female terms that I'll "understand."

Oh, and by the way... When was it decided that Dick Morris was some annointed spokesperson for Feminine Perceptions and Political Capabilities? I don't know about you, Dick, but I'd be insulted as hell if I were you. That would be like me being picked as the spokesperson for Masculine Political Perceptual Constructs just because I'm a large woman in comfortable shoes and pleated chino trousers.

Posted by Mamamontezz at May 25, 2004 04:20 PM

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